best chinese restaurants kampala uganda

In Kampala, the capital of Uganda, you will certainly find a list of some of the best Chinese restaurants to eat at when you go there.

When you are visiting Kampala, the capital of Uganda, you are bound to find a list of the best Chinese restaurants when you are there. Yes, as much as Uganda isn’t an Asian country, you can still enjoy Chinese food every day.

The nice thing about Chinese food is that it’s easy to find in Kampala. It won’t take you hours to drive or stroll about looking for it. Every corner has several restaurants selling Chinese local food.

We have compiled a list of ten of the best Chinese restaurants in Kampala, Uganda.

The Spice Junction China Bowl

spice junction kampala

The Spice Junction China Bowl is located at Plot 6A Sturrock Road, Kisementi, 0000 Kampala, Uganda.

A multi-cuisine restaurant called The Spice Junction offers both entire Indian and Chinese cuisines under the names Zaika and China Bowl, respectively.

Some Chinese meals on their menu include Squid which is prepared in a sauce form. They also serve chili & black beans sauce. You can also order Fish (Achari Tikka) from their menu. There’s so much to choose from their menu and the option of ordering online.

Chong Qing Kampala

Chong Qing restaurant is located on Lumumba Avenue in Kampala, Uganda. Due to its central location in the city, this location is accessible at all times. The atmosphere is amazing and the setting is relaxed. When you arrive at the location, you receive good service. 

They provide a variety of seating options, including indoor, balcony, and outdoor settings. All these make for lovely settings for a pleasant lunch. 

Particularly when compared to other locations offering comparable services, the pricing is fair. After brief waits, food is always fresh and delicious and is always served on time.

Kololo courts

They can be found on Dundas Road, Lower Kololo, Kampala.

Overlooking some of Kampala’s top attractions, this hotel is situated in the city’s affluent neighborhood. 

It’s a very practical choice to stay and eat because of how accessible they are. They are close to shopping malls, nightlife, nightclubs, and other hotels/conference centers.

If you prefer to eat in the comfort of your room, room service is also available. They serve a wide variety of international cuisines, including Chinese, Indian, and Ugandan food.

Huayuan Restaurant Kampala

huayuan restaurant kampala

Come and taste some of the best meals in Kampala at Huayuan Restaurant. It’s situated next to Kololo courts’ main lobby. 

African, Chinese, and continental cuisines are among the freshly prepared gastronomic delicacies served in their restaurant.

A wide variety of continental meals are their area of expertise. They also offer espresso coffee, a liquor bar, and meeting facilities.

With a 300-seat capacity, they can host private events and provide upscale or casual meals.

Their calm, stylish, and roomy restaurant offers a delightful and peaceful experience. Every one of their clients has access to free WiFi.

Nanjing Restaurant Kololo

Nanjing Restaurant Kololo

Nanjing Restaurant is the home of African and Asian food in Kampala, Uganda. The restaurant was opened on 28th October 2007 by the founders of Nanjing Uganda. 

Today, Nanjing has a place in the industry as one of the best Chinese restaurants and motels in Uganda.

At least 500 people can be served at a time in the restaurant. Their dining rooms are elegantly furnished in both contemporary and traditional Chinese designs.

 Their team can handle any function since they are friendly, well-trained, and professional. They can be found in the heart of the city by private or public means. They do food deliveries and takeaways.

The Orchids Herbal Tea & Restaurant

It’s located inside Garden City Mall. Not only do they offer Chinese herbal tea but lunch & breakfast as well.

If you’re looking for a restaurant close to the city center, the Orchids Herbal Tea Restaurant is the one. They offer a nice sitting area as well as enough space for kids to play and enjoy themselves.

Their menu includes lots of Chinese options and Indian and local food. It’s one of the best places to have lunch in Kampala.

Their waiters and waitresses are friendly as well.

The Great China Wall

The Great China Wall kampala

They are located in the Bhatia Building, Plot21 Kampala Road, Kampala. One of the first Chinese restaurants to operate in Kampala was The Great Wall, and hundreds more have since followed.

They have a wide range of Chinese food that guests can order from. The likes of grilled dumplings, cold noodles, fried rice, and fish-scented meat. All this comes at very affordable prices by the way.

Guests can only enjoy food at the restaurant because they don’t do delivery or takeaway.

Wave Lounge

Guests can find them on Acacia Avenue, Windsor CT, opposite Kabojja junior school.

It’s located close to some of the best amenities you’ll find in towns like supermarkets, fuel stations, bars, and other restaurants.

Wave lounge is the best place for guests looking to enjoy music as they enjoy Chinese food. Enough parking space is available even when there are huge crowds. 

The Great Indian Dhaba

They are located on Wampewo Ave, Kampala.

Among the cuisines they offer are Indian, Chinese, African, Bar, and Fusion.

If you enjoy eating food at an organic Chinese restaurant organic restaurant, The Great Indian Dhaba is the spot for you.

What a unique experience you’ll have when they serve authentic Indian and Chinese street food on the same stall. 

It’s just like you would find it downtown on any Indian or Chinese street. There’s a play area where kids can play as the adults enjoy themselves.

Hi Point Restaurant and Bar

28 Bukoto St, Kampala is where you can find them.

If you crave delicious Indian and Chinese food, you should check out this restaurant. Their food is top-notch right from preparation to presentation.

Most of these meals and drinks all come at an affordable price.

Guests can order food online because they do takeaways and deliveries.


You may find a Chinese restaurant in your city wherever you live, which demonstrates how well-liked Chinese food is worldwide. Uganda alone has some of the best Chinese restaurants as we’ve listed. They don’t disappoint.

If you live in Uganda or plan on traveling to Uganda, you must visit these restaurants.