Internal Affairs confirms singer Nwagi was turned away for being half naked (1)

Musician Winnie Nakanwagi, better known as Winnie Nwagi, was denied entry to their premises last week by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has responded to an incident in which musician Winnie Nakanwagi commonly known as Winnie Nwagi was denied entry into their premises last week.

In a video that made rounds on various social media platforms last week, the singer was overheard questioning two female officers about why they were stopping her from accessing the offices.

Although a number of people supported the action taken by the officers on Nwagi, many others including the singer’s father were overheard questioning whether the same thing could have been done to a foreigner in the same position.

Responding to the viral scene, however, the Internal Affairs Ministry has said it is under their protocol that all indecently dressed persons are not allowed into their offices.

Internal Affairs confirms singer Nwagi was naked (1)
Winnie Nwagi, was denied entry into the Ministry of Internal Affairs buildings.

According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Simon Mundeyi, Winnie Nwagi was nearly naked and her dress code attention from many other people who had come for the same services including the underage children who had escorted their parents to apply for passports.

“The way she was dressed disturbed these children who were with their parents. She was putting on very shot patra pants portraying her thighs. She also put on a jacket but had several holes and the breasts were literally out and being exposed to the public,” Mundeyi said.

“This kind of dressing disturbed young kids and it was brought to the attention of the security personnel at the ministry.”

Mundeyi said as a ministry, they have drafted rules and guidelines for all individuals to follow before accessing their offices and anyone who violates them cannot be ignored no matter their status.

“Her dressing was against our policy on dressing code. She was barely naked. Her dressing didn’t fit in our dressing code. We don’t entertain naked artists at our offices,” Mundeyi said.

“Our offices have a dressing code that welcomes in-laws, children, religious leaders, and all kinds of people. We turned her away for dressing indecently. Let her dress properly and we will not turn her away.”

In addition, he said the musician also hurled insults at the female officers who tried to explain to her the rules she had violated which was a form of disrespect.