Who is Winnie Nwagi?
Who is Winnie Nwagi?

Who is Winnie Nwagi? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, songs, music, education and background of Winnie Nakanwagi.

Winnie Nwagi is a Ugandan recording diva who is versatile and does various music artist. She has signed under Uganda’s best record label Swangz avenue and apart from her music, her body has also contributed to her music success since it attracts most of the music lovers especially men to follow her music. 

Nwagi broke through the industry with her single musawo which took the industry by a surprise and this hit single was produced by the late Dan KU Mapesa

Earlier on she had participated in the coca-cola xrated although she didn’t win and that’s how Benon spotted her and signed her at Swangz Avenue.

Education and early life 

Winnie Nwagi birth name Winnie Nakanwagi was born on 20th July in 1989 in Namasuba Kampala Uganda. She comes from the family of a businessman Henry Kabiito and the late Sarah Namuddu. She has lived with the trappings of urban life. 

In primary four her mum passed on but according to Winnie she has told her the importance of neatness and she has lived to the expectations of her late mum and up to now, she is tidy at her home. 

Nakanwagi says she was a very stubborn child and her mother would shield her all the time sometimes for wrong reasons. Because of her naughty character, her parents decided to take her to boarding schools for her entire education journey.

Winnie attended St Agnes Naggalama primary school and she joined East high from senior one to senior two, Migaddee College from senior three to senior four and Namagabi ss in Kayunga for her A- level. 

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Nwagi’s dreams of enrolling into the university were cut short after she became pregnant during her senior six vacations. Winnie tried to apply to various universities but her father refused to pay tuition.

Nwagi was disappointed and her friends and the man responsible for the pregnancy advised her to abort but she was refused. Her brother Bob Lwalanda was very supportive and after the birth the man and came back telling her how he wants to stay with her but Winnie had already moved on. 

winnie nwagi singing
Nwagi never thought of singing while growing up.

Nakanwagi says they both met at Miracle centre were they used to fellowship together and one thing led to the other. Her biggest challenge was that her father abandoned her for quite some time. 

Her dad refused to lift the baby until the baby was three years and her dad had banned her from his home and when speaking to the Observer newspaper in 2016 she says these wounds are still raw.

After all this week hustle Winnie got a job fair at MTN as one of the pioneers registering people for mobile money and later she joined Good African Coffee sales department. She did both jobs for six months and when the contract expired she had to find means of living.

Music career 

Winnie Nwagi never thought of singing while growing up but she wanted to be a news anchor and she fancied the personality of the late Bbale Francis of UTV currently UBC TV but with time she developed the admiration of singing from divas such as Juliana and Iryn Namubiru

Nwagi traces her musical talent while still in high school and she says she was a good soloist’s drummer of a long drum called Engalabi in Luganda and she was a good traditional dancer. After her contract expired at her former workplace Nwagi decided to hit various studios to revive her singing talent. 

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The first person who took her to the studio was the late manager of young mulo and she recorded and wrote songs although she didn’t push them.

She later found an opportunity at monster studios where she backed artists like Evelyn Lagu, Titie Tabel and Haruna Mubiru. Before she knew it coca-cola rated next had knocked and she registered. 

Although she didn’t win the competition she caught Benon Mugumbya‘s eye who was among the judges and after the competition he signed her under Swangz avenue.

Her first single was Embela in 2016 which introduced her to the industry and this was followed by Gwenonya. In late 2016 she released her breakthrough hit called the musawo which was produced by the late Dan Ku mapeesa and because of this hit Benon surprised her with a Pajero Mitsubishi and this was her first ride in her entire life. 

After her breakthrough hit, she has never turned back and she has gone ahead to release more successful songs such as Jangu, magic and many more.

nwagi swangz avenue
She has signed under Uganda’s best record label Swangz avenue.

Winnie Nwagi was also an ambassador to several companies namely; Crown Beverage limited for a promo campaign completed in 2016, Star times and Sports club villa Jogo limited 


  • Zzina awards, best female artist, 2017
  • Hipipo awards, Super diva stand out Act, 2019


  • Zzina awards, artist of the year, 2017, best contemporary artist, 2018
  • Uganda music awards, artist of the year 
  • Club music awards, best video 
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Winnie Nwagi Songs 

  • Matala, 2018
  • Musawo, 2017
  • Jangu, 2020
  • Kwaata esimu ft free boy, 2020
  • Katono katono, 2018
  • Everything, 2020
  • Fire dancer, 2018
  • Magic, 2016
  • Kano koze, 2018
  • Bunsomolla, 2018
  • Detergent, 2017
  • Kibulamu, 2017
  • For you 
  • Oli kirabo
  • Olukoba
  • Abantu banyivuu
  • Embeera
  • Olaba ottya
  • Gwenonya
  • Yitayo
  • Mukwano gwo
  • Show me
  • Science 
  • One chance 
  • Amaaso
  • Bwogana
  • Watching you 


Winnie Nwagi is not officially in a relationship with somebody but rumour has it that there secretly meeting with Chozen blood. 

Winnie has a daughter called Destiny Valeria Mirembe who stays with the dad.

Winnie Nakanwagi
Some close friends of Nwagi say she is battling a drug problem.


Winnie’s musical journey has been filled with controversies. At the peak of her hit single musawo, a blogger called Ray superstar attacked her of being a drunkard who used to sleep in bars and was used by various barmen.

Nwagi once attacked a fan who was filming her while she was performing. She grabbed a fan’s phone and threw it on to the ground saying that a male fan was filming her below the skirts.

She was invited to perform at a levers party in Kisubi and during the performance she did dirty dancing to the students and the videos went viral. The management of Swangz Avenue later apologized for what had happened during the school performance.

Recently Winnie released another video on social media that went viral. She was putting on a swimsuit and she was in a pool. 

She received various attacks from various people but she refused to apologize but instead she responded by also attacking and abusing fans that were attacking her because of her released video and nude pictures. 

Some close friends of Winnie Nwagi say she is battling a drug problem and all the weird things she does are because of drug influence.