Brig Gen Freeman Mugabe replaces Gutti as new army court judge
Brig Gen Freeman Mugabe replaces Gutti as new army court judge.

Lt Gen Andrew Gutti is set to retire from military duties, leaving Brig Robert Freeman Mugabe as the new chairman of the General Court Martial.

Brig Robert Freeman Mugabe has been appointed as the new chairman of the General Court Martial to replace Lt Gen Andrew Gutti who is set to retire from army duties.

Lt Gen Gutti who has held the position since May 2016 is part of the list of generals and senior UPDF officers set for retirement in the forthcoming retirement exercise by the army. 

Gutti however, still holds the position as the Senior Command and Staff College (SCSC), Kimaka in Jinja City. He will meanwhile be replaced by Brig. Mugabe as the Court Martial Chairman.

Mugabe’s appointment was approved by President Museveni who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces. 

Currently, he is serving as the Adjutant General at the Land Forces headquarters in Bombo, a position he took over in November 2020.

Meanwhile, others appointed include Maj Cyprian Sande Magezi, Maj Jubilee Omax Denis, Capt Grace Mbabazi, Col Emmanuel David Muhanguzi, Col David Ociiti Kidega, Lt Col Patrick Matovu, Lt Col Sabasitiano Bbosa, Lt Col David Baguma, Maj Stephen Etumidde, and Capt Christine Sayuni.

Four people including Lt Col Raphael Mugisha and Capt Ambrose Guma have been retained as army court prosecutors while Lt Col John Bizimana and Maj Kamanda Mutungi were also maintained to the position of court secretary and the defence council respectively.

“The president and Commander in Chief of the UPDF approved and duly signed the appointment and convening orders of the new court-martial members and its reserves and the message was recorded in our military messages Tuesday 12th July 2022”, Uganda Radio Network wrote.

Added; ‘’It’s not yet known when the new team will take over the office and resume business at the court-martial where works had stalled for more than a month. But sources say that it will require most of those appointed to first hand over the offices they are currently occupying before taking over new offices.’’

Meanwhile, the UPDF Act 2005 provides that the General Court Martial shall consist of a chairman who shall not be below the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel, senior officers, junior officers, a political commissar and a non -commissioned officer and these members are appointed by the High Command for a period of one year.