Gen Kale Kayihura on US sanctions
Gen Kale Kayihura: US sanctions against me is a sign of disrespect to Uganda. File Photo

According to Gen Kale Kayihura, this is a violation of human right, which the US claim to uphold.

Gen Kale Kayihura, former Inspector General of Police responding to the recent sanctions imposed on him by the US government says they are hypocritical, counterfeit and based on false claims from a system that boasts of due process, rule of law and democracy.

Kayihura’s response follows the recent sanctions by the US government declared last week by the US State Secretary Mike Pompeo banning him, his wife, Son and Daughter plus his men he worked with and their families from entering the United States of America.

Under claims that he and his family were engaged in gross violation of human rights and corruption during his reign.

“This is not only false but outrageous and infuriating, especially that these accusations and decisions have been made without according me an opportunity to respond to them, whereby I would give evidence to the contrary. The United States Government was known as a government that believed in due process, rule of law and democracy,” Kale Kayihura stated.

“There was absolutely no due process accorded to me before false wild and defamatory statements about my person and my record were issued from Washington, without any bother to verify such allegations.

Gen Kale Kayihura says the US pronouncements against him were entirely based on falsification and wild allegations other than the real truth, he says his enemies instigated all these with clear intentions of tarnishing his name.

“These allegations fit the row-discredited narrative, which has been perpetrated by intriguers in Uganda since I left the Uganda Police Force. Their objective was falsely criminalising me and accuse me of all sorts of crimes to malign me and destroy my public personality,” Kayihura said.

He also said that the US government was being unfair in their judgement because he was not accorded a chance to give his said of the story and they as well failed to respect the principles of natural justice. According to Gen Kale Kayihura, this is a violation of human right, which the US claim to uphold.

“I find it hypocritical that the United States Government authorities could claim to uphold Human Rights yet in their letter and action, they fall below the lowest standards of the due process of law. How can they accuse, judge and condemn a person without the basic decency to respect the principles of natural justice, specifically, affording a person the opportunity and the right to be heard?”

Kayhura in his further remarks says for the US government to sit in Washington and decide his fate basing on unverified allegations was a sign of disrespect to him and Uganda.

“To sit in Washington and make the spurious and unproven baseless allegations, and take action on them without any efforts to establish any truth, against a former IGP and a Natural Police Force is the highest form of disrespect of a foreign country.

In the years Gen Kale Kayihura worked as the IGP, he says he closely worked with FBI, US security organ and he was awarded for his contribution in the fight against terror.

However, he wonders how he violated human rights in Uganda, yet, FBI was under watch and even awarded him.

“The fact is that the FBI worked closely with me and with units of police that were involved in fighting crime, including the Flying Squad. They were not scandalised by my leadership but gave me an award for my contribution in the fight against terror,” Kayihura said.

“There is no enough profile case in which our units did not liaise with the FBI. They participated in, for example, the investigations into the assassinations of the late Joan Kagezi and the late Andrew Felix Kaweesi, as well as the 2010 terror case. The Treasury would thus do well to sanction those officers also,” he added.

Gen Kale Kayihura further stressed out that the Treasury Secretary should instead be advised to carry out more research before issuing out sanctions on particular individuals.

“The FBI officers were not spared the false allegations I had become accustomed to. In fact, in the East African Court of Justice in the High Court of Uganda, in the High Court of London, allegations were made about the torture of the 2010 terrorist suspects, where the FBI was specifically mentioned, and FBI officers testified.”

“To have people who would have a better context of the challenges we faced and of the effort we undertook in the fight against terror, issue such nonsensical statements, is truly the height of hypocrisy. The Treasury Secretary would be well advised to conduct some research before speaking out against individual persons. For the record, investigations into the murders of the late Joan Kagezi and Andrew Felix Kaweesi were also conducted with help from the FBI. In the case of the latter, the FBI were at the scene of the crime to help us reconstruct it. The FBI also worked with Flying Squad. Thus, instead of searching for my non-existent US properties, the Treasury should instead be helping in the fight against global terror.”

Gen Kale Kayihura also castigated the US for involving his family in the matter innocently over claims they cannot substantiate.

He claims that his family and he owns no property in the US or anywhere in the world, apart from the ones they have in Uganda.

“Regarding the sanctions on myself, my wife, and my children. I find them unfortunate because it is legally, morally, and factually baseless. In any case, neither I nor my family had any plans to travel to the US, and therefore do not have any need to apply for visas to go there. There was no need to bring my family into a statement based on falsehoods and fabrications.”