Speaker-of-Parliament-Rebecca-Kadaga on police recuritment
Hon Rebecca Kadaga has called on the government to have a fresh look into the procedures that were taken while recruiting new police officers

Following many negative comments from legislators, the Speaker of Parliament, Hon Rebecca Kadaga has called on the government to have a fresh look into the procedures that were taken while recruiting new police officers.

During Thursday’s plenary sitting in Parliament, the majority of MPs said that the Police recruitment process was characterized by favouritism, unfairness.

Also, they claimed that some recruits chosen to represent selected areas were not residents there.

“The voices here are voices of discontent, I have not heard anyone stand up and say it was okay in my area,” Speaker Kadaga disagrees with the recruitment exercise.

Meanwhile, the legislators demanded a repeat of the Police recruitment exercise insisting that verification should as well be done by the concerned local authorities.

“In Ngora it was worse because applicants were chased from the recruitment centre. The recruiting officers instead brought two buses with people from other districts,” said Hon David Abala from Ngoro adding that “Even Ngora residents who passed with a 1st grade were not recruited.”

Hon. Gerald Karuhanga (Ind., Ntungamo Munic.) questioned how the public will trust the police as law and peacemaker when it is the same group going against the laws.

“If it is conceived that the police recruitment was not transparent or equitable, the spirit in the public is that the force we have is not qualified to enforce the law. People won’t run to the police anymore,” said Karuhanga.

According to Speaker Kadaga, this coupled with other complaints is what has prompted her to intervene in the addressed issue to ensure fairness.

Besides, Kadaga also ordered the Internal Affairs Minister to provide the entire list of the officers who were recruited.

“This is about equity, and it is a fact that certain parts of this country are not well represented, we cannot endorse this impunity, this must stop,” said Kadaga.

Government’s Response on Police recruitment

The Prime Minister, Dr Ruhakana Rugunda, has called on MPs to be patient and await a report from the Internal Affairs Ministry about the matter.

Rugunda insisted that issues of bad recruitment are common in police and that government should ensure this time they are fazed out earlier.

“Earlier I said that within the police, there are 127 cases that are being scrutinised because of wrong recruitment. Anybody who has been wrongly recruited in the proposal must get out,” he said before directing the Minister of Internal Affairs to report to Parliament and provide an answer to these immediate calls.

By John Dalton Kigozi