People Power leaders ask RDC
People Power leaders ask RDC’s to Stop witch-hunting their political activities. File photo

People Power Pressure Group says Residence District Commissioners (RDC) increasingly witch-hunting their political activities which have caused a decline in the grass-root mobilization countrywide.

In their argument, People Power leaders says RDC’s are working hard to frustrate their political activities through conducting partisan politics, on behave of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM).

People Power says instead of addressing the prevailing insecurity concerns in the country, they rather draw all their attention and efforts on tracking them and blocking their arranged political activities which have failed all their political plans.

Shadow Minister for Internal Affairs, Muwanga Kivumbi says that the RDC’s in their mission to interfere and destroy opposition political activities, they use a lot of taxpayers’ money which should have been used to do other things for Ugandans, in addition to frustrating their mandate.

“Most political apparatus double as politicians, do political work. The RDC’s in the districts that are supposed to be neutral, today they are busy politicking. And the head of security the DISO’s, are busy being told which candidate to support,” Kivumbi said.

“As long as you have an apparatus that doubles as political mobilisers, you also have a problem! Because it also causes a problem of accountability. Because you fear to weep them because they are politically entrenched.”

Nevertheless, People Power leaders from Gomba District whom yesterday held a meeting in Wakiso to discuss on the way forward said they are under persecution in every activity they intend to hold, by the district leaders.

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As a result, they now conduct consultative meetings in their residences for fear of arrests by security personnel.

“They are persecuting us, they run us up and down on any function or any celebration, provided you are on People Power,” People Power leader Gomba District said.

“We are just buying a leave from what he used to do in Gorilla war. It’s just having small meetings and you move away! It’s just having small meetings and you move away. So, this time around we is having small meetings as we are trying to prepare for the bigger ones that are going to come,” Wakayima Musoke, People Power member said.

But the ruling NRM party, through its Spokesperson, Rogers Mulindwa has denied the claims saying they are not aware of the alleged claims by People Power Movement that indicates RDC’s partisan politics.

“Some of these opposition guys are just defiant! all the time, they are preaching the gospel of defiance. They don’t want to go and inform security people, the Police that we shall be having a meeting here or we shall do this. We are a party in power, but NRM we seek permission, we notify people, we go through all the necessary procedures before we go to a district to perform our duties. Why not the opposition?”