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Gen Katisgazi Tumusiime warns Police issue warnings to churches bars noise pollution (1)
Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen. Katsigazi Tumusiime

Police on Friday issued a statement warning church and bar owners that noise pollution will not be taken lightly as long as it is an inconvenience to the public. The statement follows an outcry by many Ugandans over noise pollution.

Following a general outcry from many Ugandans over noise pollution, the police Friday released a statement warning among others, churches and bars that they will not take lightly any form of unwanted noise as long as they are an inconvenience to the public.

According to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Gen. Katsigazi Tumusiime, they are working closely with agencies including the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) to help address complaints from individuals concerning the noises.

‘’As you are all aware, on the 28.02.2022, we issued a statement indicating the role of the Environmental Police Unit, in the enforcement of Noise ordinances, in close coordination with other agencies like NEMA, KCCA, to purposely address the massive complaints from residents and other concerned persons, from mushrooming noise polluting facilities like bars, churches, construction sites, places of entertainment, residence parties, etc. Unwanted sound has the potential of harming human health,’’ Katsigazi stated.

He said they have tasked all Territorial Commanders in all the 28 Police Regions, to administer the regulations on noise pollution and control. 

As a result, he tasked all responsible parties including the resident police commanders to carry out sensitization drives to alert them on their next line of action.

‘’All offices of RPCs, DPCs and D/CIDs are gazetted every two years as environmental inspectors, with powers and privileges to regulate environmental abuse. We are, therefore, tasking all RPCs, DPCs, and D/CIDs to liaise with the District and Local environment committees, to regulate all acts of noise pollution in their respective jurisdictions. In addition, they should widen their awareness and sensitization drives, on the recommended noise limits in all facilities and residential areas, during day and night in their communities.’’

In addition, he said, at the Headquarter level, they have planned to engage all other stakeholders from Parliament, Judiciary, DPP, NEMA, NPA, to address concerns of physical planning, punishments and fines awarded by courts to the violators, the licensing standards of facilities that emit noise.

‘’This is to help promote a healthy environment to the public. I once again encourage the public to report all noise complaints to the Environment Police Unit on telephone numbers 0713-534925 or the office of the DIGP on toll-free number 0800300115 or the nearest police unit. A quiet, peaceful and healthy living environment is our priority,’’ Katsigazi added.