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Who is Godfrey Kirumira Kalule?

Who is Godfrey Kirumira Kalule?: Flash Uganda Media looks at his biography, age, family, wife, tribe, net worth, Muyenga Hotel, Kirumira Towers, Royale Havana, work and experience, house, and daughter of the chairman of Kwagalana Group.

Godfrey Kirumira Kalule, is a Ugandan businessman and tycoon, one of the wealthiest people in Uganda, Chairman of the Landlord’s Association in Uganda and Chairman of ‘Kwagalana Group’, an association of the richest men and women in the country. 

Kirumira’s date of birth is unknown, but he’s believed to be in his early 60s. He’s extremely rich and driving the most expensive and luxurious cars that including; Lexus, Range Rover, G-Wagon, Chrysler, Hummer among others.

He lives in the upscale neighbourhood of Buziga with a clear view of Lake Victoria in the far distance, in a mansion amounting to Ush2 billion ($500,000).


Godfrey Kirumira Kalule is the owner of Bargary Company Limited that deals in fuel controlling twelve petrol stations inside and outside Kampala under the brand name Gelp. 

Other properties include; Royale Havana, Muyenga Hotel (former International Hotel), and Kirumira Towers located on William Street.

He as well deals in real estate, general merchandise, import/export, private security and is the owner of Nabugabo Updeal Venture Limited. Kirumira’s businesses are under the management of Godfrey Kirumira Kalule Group or GKK Group of Companies, where he serves as the chairman. 

Kirumira is as well the chairman of Kwagalana Group founded in 2002, a club of the wealthiest tycoons in Uganda.

Also, Kirumira is the proprietor of Royale cash forex, money point forex, a bus company, KPI Security Company, BTC Transporters, GELP Petroleum Company, KPI Petroleum Ltd, Premium Commodities which deals in products such as maize & beans, Baggery Trading Company and the owner of 12 petrol stations in the country.

He’s also the leading importer of bales of second-hand clothes and shoes, owner of St. Mary’s Junior School at Nabbingo and Bright Future Secondary School Bwebajja. This school venture is a non-profit initiative of GKK to promote quality education.

Amidst the first wave of COVID-19 in 2020, Kirumira and the Kwagalana Group jointly donated a 4×4 double cabin to the COVID-19 National Task Force

However, the group members as well made individual donations.

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The mansion was built by Kirumira at the cost of USh2 billion ($500,000) in the upscale neighbourhood of Buziga, sat atop Buziga Hill with a panoramic view of Lake Victoria in the distance. FILE PHOTO


The Landlord’s Association led by its chairperson Kirumira once appealed to the Committee of Parliament on Physical Infrastructure proposing payment of rent in city arcades in both dollars and Uganda Shillings in the Landlord and Tenants Bill, 2021. 

However, the MPs rejected the proposal arguing that rent in US dollars is unfair to natives. 

In September 2019, the High Court in Kampala ordered city tycoon Kirumira to compensate Stephen Sendagire and his wife Gladys Nanyombi former proprietors of Bright Future Vocational Senior Secondary School 200m Uganda Shillings for taking over their school fraudulently.

Net Worth

In 2012, Godfrey Kirumira’s net worth was estimated at about $20 million.


Godfrey Kirumira is a married man with two wives, but often he shows up to the public with his second wife Susan. He has children but only two are known that’s Gideon Kirumira and Brenda Kirumira.