Murchison Falls uganda
It is very safe to travel to Uganda, and the people are friendly and welcoming. FILE PHOTO/Murchison Falls uganda

The people of Uganda are friendly and hospitable, and there are many enticing tourist attractions in Uganda. Learn how to plan your trip by reading below.

If you are interested in finding out what the top tourist attractions in Uganda are, read below. Uganda is a very safe country, and its people are friendly and welcoming.

Uganda is a beautiful country in East Africa. It features a snow-capped mountainous region, a big lake, rich biodiversity, and majestic waterfalls. 

Due to its natural gifts, there are many tourist places in Uganda. There is so much to see in this landlocked nation. It is conveniently close to Rwanda and Kenya.

It is very safe to travel to Uganda, and the people are friendly and welcoming. If you are curious about the top tourist attractions in Uganda, read on. Listed below are a few suggestions that be great additions to your itinerary.

The Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

One of the tourist attractions in Western Uganda is the Rwenzori Mountains. It is a hiker’s dream to trek the trails of this natural wonder. 

The third-highest spike in Africa, the Margherita Peak, is located here. The Albertine Rift is abundant in endemic plants like groundsels, lobelias, and heathers. 

If you are determined to challenge the climb, the hiking could take seven days. It already comprises of going up and descending.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Are you a fan of outdoor activities like bird watching, gorilla trekking, and communing with nature? Then visiting Bwindi Impenetrable National Park would be a memorable experience for you. 

It can be found in South Western Uganda and is one of the oldest rainforests in the country. It is estimated to be 25,000 years old. 

This location serves as a haven for the Mountain Gorilla, which needs protection from extinction. It is considered one of the secret places in Uganda and was even called the Impenetrable Forest. 

Visiting this place is not just about nature. You can also interact and learn about indigenous culture with the Bakiga and Batwa cultures.

Itanda Falls 

Ready for some water adventure beyond swimming and diving? Then visiting the city of Jinja will be your cup of tea. The Nile River provides the most tourist attractions in Jinja. 

To adventure seekers, kayaking or rafting on the Itanda Falls is a challenge they would want to experience once. 

The rapids of the Itanda falls have three levels, and extreme caution is required when riding them.

Whitewater Tubing in Bujagali Hydropower Plant

Are you still a beginner in the water adventure field? Then here is a thrilling and equally safe activity to do. You can opt for another one of the many tourist attractions in Jinja. 

Whitewater Tubing in Bujagali Hydropower Plant is a popular option. It is a privately organized tour that follows top-notch safety protocols. 

Fond memories are guaranteed once you finish conquering this experience.

Kampala City

Best Tourist Attractions in Uganda

Kampala is the capital and largest city in Uganda. Unlike other urban areas in the world, the presence of nature is still prominent here. 

Despite being a commercial location, Kampala is fondly called the Green City in the Sun due to the significant density of flora. It is also a place to have fun, especially for those who love to party and go clubbing.


The Twekobe was the primary residence of the Kabaka or the King of Buganda. The Kingdom of Buganda is an influential and large medieval kingdom in present-day Uganda. 

This structure is an embodiment of the achievements, history, and aspirations of the people of Buganda. It was damaged during a political crisis and turned into a military barracks. 

However, its rich heritage and significance are worth knowing. The spacious grounds of this monarch’s residence deserve a visit.

Kibale Forest National Park

 Are you fascinated with primates particularly, Chimpanzees? One of the tourist attractions in Fort Portal is a haven of these species. 

To see these creatures up close, Kibale Forest National Park is the place to go. There are a lot of organized Chimpanzee Safaris organized in this area.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

queen elizabeth national park

A savanna is a unique environment. It is where the woodland and grassland ecosystem is mixed. One of the best places to experience it first hand is in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

This area is the second-largest national park in Uganda. It is a place where you can find tree-climbing lions, hippos, elephants, leopards, and hyenas. 

You will feel like being involved in a nature documentary during your visit.

Mgahinga National Park 

The Mgahinga National Park is the smallest national park in Uganda. But even if this place is small, it has many attractions. This area houses the protected mountain gorilla and a good view of three extinct volcanoes. 

These volcanoes are named Muhabura, Mgahinga, and Sabyinyo. They form a lovely natural backdrop worth remembering.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary 

If you are a tourist in Northern Uganda, a great place to visit is the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. This location is an embodiment of hope for the white rhinoceros.

In 1983, the last local white rhino in Uganda met its demise at the hand of poachers. Years later, an effort to reintroduce them again to Uganda wildlife occurred in 2005. 

It led to the establishment of the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, and up till the present, the feat is doing well.

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls uganda
It is very safe to travel to Uganda, and the people are friendly and welcoming. FILE PHOTO/Murchison Falls uganda

tourist in Northern Uganda will surely not miss seeing Murchison Falls. This body of water is a remnant of a rift valley wall. 

This dramatic creation is the centrepiece of the Murchison Falls National Park. It plunges about 45 meters in height, and its rapids stretch at around 80 kilometres. 

Wildlife often visits the river banks that meet the Murchison Falls

Its guest includes buffaloes and giraffes. It also has permanent residents like the hippos, aquatic birds, and Nile crocodiles.

Ndere Center

Are you interested in understanding more of Uganda’s culture? Then a visit to the Ndere Center is something you have to do. 

This facility has authentic dwellings of different tribes on display. It is a highly functional area with a peaceful environment and has a lot of pretty artworks on exhibit. 

It can host events where you can share your enthusiasm with other folks. The establishment also has a restaurant that serves delicious food.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and is also called Victoria Nyanza. It is the primary water reservoir of the Nile.

There is a concentration of the Fish Eagle population here. Other wildlife like Otters, Sitatunga, and small antelopes also stay in this area.

Kasubi Tombs

Located within Kampala, Kasubi hill is where a religious site of the Buganda Kingdom is situated. It is a symbol of the political and spiritual beliefs of the Buganda nation. 

The Kasubi Tombs is the burial ground of four previous Kabakas namely, Muteesa I, Basamula Mwanga II, Daudi Chwa II, and Frederick Walugembe Mueteesa II. Performing old Ganda rituals is a practice here.

 Ssese Islands

Ssese Islands
Ssese Islands are 84 forested islands within the waters of Lake Victoria. FILE PHOTO

Situated within the waters of Lake Victoria, there are 84-forested islands that are named the Ssese Islands

It is a place where entomologists frequently visit to study different kinds of insect life. It is also a great place to do bird watching and fishing.

Lake Bunyonyi

The lovely Lake Bunyonyi in South Western Uganda and fondly called, place of five islands. It is composed of Bushara, Akampene, Kyahugye, Bwama, and Njuyeera. 

Another island in the vicinity is, Bucuranuka which is also known as Upside Down island. This place is good for swimming, canoeing, and boat riding.

Baha’i Temples

baha'i temple uganda

Do you have a tight budget? Then going sightseeing is one way to spend your vacation. There are cheap places to visit in Uganda that you can admire from the outside. 

Aside from the fare to get there, you won’t need to pay for anything else. An interesting find would be the Baha’i Temples

This structure is the physical form of essential aspects of Baha’i life which is worship and service.

Namirembe Cathedral

Namirembe Cathedral 2

Places of worship are often open and free for everyone to visit. It is considered one of the cheap places to visit in Uganda. 

A beautiful church the Namirembe Cathedral is the oldest one in Uganda. This redbrick structure has an organ that was built in 1931. It is a very nostalgic place to visit for religious devouts.

Semuliki National Park

The Semuliki National Park is one of the tourist attractions in Fort Portal. It is a haven of different species like mammals and birds. Some of its unique residents are the flying squirrel and pygmy antelopes. 

It also features a hot spring named the Sempaya Hot Springs. It is not fit for bathing, but if you want to bathe, there is a male spring in Bitende and another for females in Nyasimbi.

Gaddafi National Mosque

Gaddafi National Mosque

On top of Kampala Hill, the Gaddafi National Mosque majestically stands. It is a wonderful place to gather insights on Islam and Art. 

It is the biggest in the East African region. It can accommodate at most 200,000 worshipers in its 10-acre land area. Its location is strategic for a great view of the city. 

The Mosque is also adorned with religious art and tedious Islamic embroidery that will take your breathe away. When visiting this sanctuary, you must be moderately dressed.