Namirembe Cathedral to retain 75% of the condolence
Namirembe Cathedral to retain 75% of the condolence

Namirembe Cathedral to take 25% of the condolence collections and 75% offered to the deceased’s family during funeral service.

An earlier letter from Namirembe Cathedral concerning condolence collections new guidelines during Funeral services at Namirembe Cathedral had indicated 75 per cent for the church and 25% for the deceased family which was a mistake, it was later reviewed.

Addressing Cathedral Dean, Archdeacon, Canons, lay leaders and believers at Namirembe Cathedral, Rev. Kaweesa said that 25% of the church collections during funeral service will be for the church to cover costs incurred during the service arrangements.

Not like the way it has been when all church collection would be offered to the deceased’s family.

The new development at Namirembe Cathedral Anglican Church was made last month in a meeting held by the church.

“The diocesan council that sat on May 24, 2019, agreed that during memorial services at the Cathedral, there will be a collection of condolences and 25% of that money will remain at the Cathedral to cater for items used during the service. 75% of the money shall be given to the bereaved family members,” Kaweesa said.

He also said that these new guidelines apply to services held at home as well. And for purposes of proper accountability, he says condolence collection will be made first before the sermon to allow ushers to count the money and declare the amount to the gathering.

“We shall be happy if the above guidelines are followed,” Kaweesa said.

Kaweesa however, urged all responsible persons to effect the new guidelines immediately.

Believers who preferred anonymity said the church’s decision should be revised because it’s going to discourage many Christians from attending church and conducting funeral church services.

The resolution only applies to Namirembe Cathedral, he did not include other Anglican churches.