Kadaga IPOD seeks Electoral reforms before 2021 vote
Kadaga IPOD seeks Electoral reforms before 2021 vote

Interparty Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) Council members seek reformation of the party laws before 2021 elections.

IPOD filed their petition Yesterday Monday 24 of June 2019 before Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga, the speaker of parliament led by Dr Gerald Siranda, Democratic Party General Secretary.

IPOD’s want parliament to back government proposed bill of having all independent candidates resign from their parties for a period of 12month ahead of nominations.

IPOD also asked for a reduction in the nomination fees and also want elections attached to parliamentary petitions be conducted within a year after voting is concluded to avoid uncertainties.

In addition, Dr Siranda says in the quest for democracy and national unity in all political parties in Uganda there’s a need to top up funding for parties which have representatives in parliament and shared equally.

Siranda also asked the Speaker to make sure that the money given to the leader of opposition benefits all opposition legislators at parliament including their political parties.

He continued to state that for Uganda to become a complete democratic State, parliament should revise the Public Order Management Act.

IPOD Council also wants a collection of signatures before the election carried out by some political party candidates stopped.

Siranda however, said that 20th July 2019 will be their next IPOD meeting particularly to discuss the issue of Electoral reforms.

In Kadaga’s response to IPOD’s concerns, she said that she also disagrees with the high fees charged on people joining politics and also disorganisation caused by continuous elections held as a result of the creation of new constituencies.

She, however, said the creation of new constituencies has to wait for the next round of elections.

IPOD consists of several political parties that include; National Resistance Party (NRM), Democratic Party (DP), Justice Forum (JEEMA), Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

All these parties are represented in the parliament of Uganda.