How I survived Lohana perimeter wall - Peter Kasirye narrates
How I survived Lohana perimeter wall - Peter Kasirye narrates

Peter Kasirye, who survived death after the Lohana Primary School perimeter wall collapsed on Monday morning killing six street children has blamed the Local Defence Unit (LDU) officers, for the occurrence.

“Why do they chase us from the city where we sleep? If they had not chased us, this would not have happened,” said Kasirye.

Six street children died and two others who sustained serious injuries were rushed to the hospital after the wall hit them as they were sleeping.

Kasirye who had just reached Namirembe road after the unfortunate incident had happened also claimed that his friends refused to give him sleeping space and he left them only to be told that they had died minutes later.

“I came a little late to sleep and found them covered in the available beddings. I tried to ask them for space but they refused. I pleaded with them to give me some of the ‘beddings’ but they chased me violently,” said Kasirye in disbelief.

“On further insistence to be allowed by my colleagues to sleep here too, they woke up and threatened to beat me. I told them that they can as well ‘eat’ their beddings, then went off to look for another abode,” added Kasirye.

Peter Kasirye maintained that the night went fine for him, as he tucked away in a box elsewhere and slept off.

According to him, he woke up so early, as usual, to prepare for the day, but certain ladies summoned him and told him his colleagues had been hit by a wall.

“These ladies always see us walk together, so when they saw me, they told me that my colleagues had been hit by a wall. I ran to where I had left them last night, only to find their bodies being fetched by a police van,” a teary Kasirye narrates.

Peter Kasirye, who should ideally have been part of this group by the time the incident happened also said that his friends Ryan, Kennedy and Odong were part of the group that died.

“My friends Ryan, Kennedy and Odong are part of the children who have been killed by the perimeter wall. I feel so bad because last night, we retired from Kisenyi together,” he added.

According to sources, the wall is said to have succumbed to effects of torrential rains that have been battering the city for the previous weeks.

By John Dalton Kigozi