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Golola Moses of Uganda
Golola Moses of Uganda to celebrate victory over Semata with a barbeque party. File Photo

Golola Moses has confirmed that he will hold a barbeque party at Serena hotel on 27th August.

Following a meeting with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hon Jacob Oulanya, kickboxing champion, Golola Moses has confirmed that he will hold a barbeque party at Serena hotel on 27th August.

Golola who also invited Jacob Oulanya as the day’s chief guest will hold a party in celebration of his 3rd August knock out win against Umar Semata at the Entebbe Freedom City.

On 20th August, Hon Jacob Oulanya, hosted the motor-mouthed fighter to congratulate him upon a third-round win over Thailand based fighter, Semata.

Golola who was also accompanied by his manager Innocent Kawooya presented his championship belt to the Deputy Speaker.

As a token of appreciation, Oulanyah pledged to work with the fighter in fulfilling his long-time dream of building ‘Golola Talent Academy’.

An academy that will not only inspire the young generation to learn professional kickboxing and self-defence but also act as a state-of-the-art fitness centre for young people to participate in sports.

In response, Golola Moses requested parliament to set aside a monthly fee for outstanding sportsmen in recognition of their efforts in promoting the country.

“We want parliament to put aside something in honour of those who have duly represented and promoted the country as far as sports is concerned,” Golola said before adding that his talent in the ring has turned him into a national treasure.

“In Arua, they love me so much; Karamoja they call me asking when I am coming to their area. Everywhere even people on the shores,” Golola added.

Meanwhile, he (Golola) called for a nationwide effort in developing kickboxing, a sport he believes will, directly and indirectly, create a source of employment for many youths.


Born on 22 May 1980, Golola Moses is a Ugandan self-made celebrity, entertainer, champion kickboxer, actor, philanthropist, businessman and investor known for building his brand.

While his actual accomplishments as a kickboxer have been questioned by the media in Uganda, with accusations ranging from rigged events to outright fraud, Golola has, nevertheless, been credited with popularizing the sport of kickboxing in Uganda (a discipline which previously generated minimal fan interest in Uganda) and has managed to build up a large fan following in Uganda.

Golola is also known for his humorous personality and flamboyant showmanship, traits which have helped him to popularize the sport of kickboxing in Uganda and helped him to gain a large fan following. 

By John Dalton Kigozi