gravity omutujju biography
Who is Gravity Omutujju?

Who is Gravity OmutujjuFlash Uganda Media looks at his biography, early life, Age, music, wife, house, affair with Spice Diana and family of Gereson Wabuyi.

Gravity Omutujju is a Ugandan Luga flow artist which is also another style of hip hop. 

Gravity is the CEO / founder of Trouble entertainment a music group he formed to help him with his music. omutujju rose to the of the Luga flow game in 2011 after recording his hit song Walumbe Zaya which took the industry by surprise. 

Walumbe Zaya was originally done by the Late Prince Job Kaffero but Gravity jumped on the track fused it with his Luga flow raps giving the song a fresh breath and making it to sound fresh and new. 

Gravity has collaborated with various artists such as King Saha, David Lutalo, Radio and many more.

Early life and education 

Gravity Omutujju real name Gereson Wabuyi was born in Nakulabye in 1993. His father was Micheal Gesa and his mother is Jane Kajoina. Omutujju attended Nakulabye junior school from nursery to primary seven. 

In this same school, he studied with another Ugandan rapper known as Feffe Bussi and they were both in the same class. After his primary Gravity Omutujju joined Old Kampala secondary school for his secondary level.  

He managed to scoop a scholarship from the school because he was talented in football and Gravity says he studied for free for his entire O level at Old Kampala secondary school. Gravity says he didn’t participate in the singing while still in primary but around senior two it’s when he started singing.  

After his O level, Gravity didn’t continue with his studies and he says it’s because he had started singing and he could not balance the two sectors. 

Gravity says he regrets not finishing his studies and he says if he gets a chance he will go back.

Gravity Omutujju started singing
Gravity Omutujju started singing while at Old Kampala secondary school.

Music career 

Gravity Omutujju started singing while at Old Kampala secondary school and it’s in this school that he decided to get the name Gravity as his stage name.  

During his senior four vacations, he started connecting with producer Peterson of Redemption studios and another rapper known as Ruff x who they had gone to school with. At this time he was 17 years old and it’s Peterson who recorded his first single Joanita. 

He later joined and signed with a Makindye based group called Born fire of producer Didi who was the best producer at the time. The same group had other artists like King Saha at the same time. 

In this group, he released songs like Swagger ft king Saha and Vimba ft King Saha. Producer Didi in 2011 dissolved the group and Gravity left group and he started hustling again. At this time Gravity had recorded a track of Walumbe Zaya at Redemption studios but he had not recorded it. 

Gravity says one night he was performing in Nakulabye and at this same show Eddy Kenzo was present he loved his performance and after this performance, Eddy sent Ronnie stamina who approached Gravity and invited him for a meeting with his boss Eddy Kenzo

After their meeting Gravity joined Big talent and Eddy Kenzo took Gravity to power records of producer Rinex and he voiced his Walumbe Zaya track which was a big hit on its release in 2011. 

Gravity says it’s Eddy Kenzo who paid the studio fees to record the song and a rift developed between the family of the late Kafeero which complained that Gravity had recorded a song without first consulting the family but they later settled their differences. 

After his breakthrough hit in his 2011 Gravity has never fallen back and he has gone ahead to release other hit singles such as Broken English, winner, Ekyakuzala and many more hits.  

In 2015 Gravity held his first concert at Freedom City titled Mwooto concert which was filled. In 2017 he held another successful concert called Embuzi zakutudde concert at a bigger location called Cricket Oval.  

His latest concert has been Ekyakuzala which was also held at Cricket Oval and filled. Although he fills the venues he is always accused of giving free tickets to fans to fill up the venues. Since his breakthrough to the music scene, there has been a continuous debate to the genre he does. 

Many have argued that Gravity is not a hip-hop artist but rather a fusion of rap and raga but this point to one fact that he is creative in his music genre.

gravity omutujju Trouble entertainment biography
Gravity is the CEO / founder of Trouble entertainment a music group he formed to help him with his music.


  • Buzz Tenniez awards – breakthrough artist of the year, 2013
  • Hipipo music awards – Hip hop song of the year, 2013
  • MTN hip hop awards – most downloaded song, 2016
  • MTN hip hop awards – best rapper central, 2019


  • Hipipo music awards – best hip-hop song, 2014
  • Hipipo music awards – best Luga flow song, 2019

Gravity Omuttujju Songs 

  • Walumbe zaya, 2011
  • Omwooto, 2015
  • Broken English, 2016
  • Ekyakuzala, 2019
  • Embuzi zakutidde, 2018
  • Omusomesa, 2015
  • Joanita, 2013
  • Kappa yo, 2019
  • Balance the boat, 2018
  • Towakana, 2015
  • Teri dogo, 2014
  • Hits, 2015
  • Tunyumize, 2016
  • Bitandise, 2020
  • Nyabo, 2020
  • Abanyampi, 2019
  • Wakulemye, 2015
  • Ampalana, 2018
  • Malangajja, 2013


  • Vimba ft king Saha, 2012
  • Winner ft king Saha, 2014
  • Swagger ft king Saha, 2012
  • Olimba ft Catherine Kusasira
  • Money ft David lutalo, 2017
  • Ayi ayi ft shidy stylo, 2016
  • Ekubbo ft bugembe


Gravity Omuttujju married Nakanyike Sharua although they have not officially gone to church. In 2018 Gravity welcomed his firstborn and it was a baby girl. 

The two have two kids together and they’re leaving a happy life.


Gravity has been beefing with the established hip-hop artists who he says that they don’t respect him. Of recent, he has been beefing with GNL and he has gone ahead to release a song titled Nyabo. In this song, he attacks GNL saying that he was married by a white woman and he should stick to that as a woman. 

The list of hip hop artists attacked by Gravity includes Navio who he calls a failed musician and he also says he should open up a modelling school and start modelling. Navio has responded to him by calling him a monkey-like how GNL also called him.

omutujju wife Nakanyike Sharua
Omuttujju married Nakanyike Sharua although they have not officially gone to church.

In 2019 news started making rounds on social media that he had been shot while in Mitiyana but later the police proved that these were all false allegations but the reality is Gravity had had a scuffle with security personnel but he was not shot.