gulu school closes students manchester derby (1)
Gulu Central High School students have been sent home parking after participating in a strike over the administration's failure to broadcast the Manchester Derby on Sunday. PHOTO/SKY NEWS

The school administration has ordered over 1000 students of Gulu Central High school to go home after they engaged in a strike demanding broadcast coverage of the Manchester Derby on Sunday.

Over 1000 students of Gulu Central High school have been sent home parking after they were involved in a strike demanding the school administration to broadcast for them the Manchester Derby on Sunday.

According to Francis Okello the Gulu Resident City Commissioner (RCC) who confirmed the incident, the strike started at around 7:30 pm when the school administration refused to broadcast the English Premier League Manchester Derby between Manchester City and Manchester United.

Okello said it was after this refusal that students started pelting stones at the teachers’ offices with demands that they are entitled to entertainment because they pay for it.

“When the situation escalated, the school called in the police which tried to calm the students. The students insisted on watching the game and charge at the officers with stones, prompting them to fire teargas,” Okello said.

He explained that because the situation had become unmanageable for the area police, they called for the intervention of the army to help restore calm.  

Following the abrupt strike, one student was reportedly shot dead and several others left nursing wounds. Okello said buildings were also vandalised during the process of the strike.

“The army started firing bullets in the air to disperse them, one student had climbed a mango tree in the compound and he was hit by the bullet. The deceased was identified as Rwotomiya Gabriel, a Senior 3 student at the school.”

He said the school has now been closed for a period of two weeks to allow the commencement of investigations into the matter. He said it is after this that students will be allowed back into the school premises.

Meanwhile, the Manchester derby ended in favour of City thanks to a Kevin De Bruyne first-half brace before Riyad Mahrez did the same in the second half of the game.

United seemed to perform alright in the first half, going into the break 2-1 following an earlier Jadon Sancho equaliser however, they badly fell away in the second period.

City completely dominated the contest finding the back of the net twice more as United struggled to even touch the ball for the last 45 minutes.

The victory has since boosted Pep Guardiola’s chances of winning the Premier League title yet again.