heavy rain Bugisu sub-region photo by Yahudu Kitunzi Daily Monitor
Heavy rains damage bridge and cut off business in Bugisu sub-region. Photo/Daily Monitor

Business society in Bugisu sub-region asks the government to repair damaged bridges to save their goods from perishing

Business society in Bugisu sub-region has pleaded to government to attend to damaged bridges in their area which has affected business transactions.

The damaged and washed away bridges occurred as a result of continuous heavy rains in Uganda characterised by flooding and landslides affecting some parts of Uganda that include; the Elgon region.

In addition to damaged bridges, some areas in the Elgon Region like Bududa experienced landslides as a result of heavy rains where some lost lives, others left homeless and properties washed away.

Now Traders in the area are stranded after their properties were washed away by floods, following a heavy downpour.

Jude Wamono, Manafa Town Businessman as a result, now pleads to the government to help restore the affected bridges to enable them to resume business.

“Most of the bridges have been washed away by floods and we are now stuck. We request UNRA to now intervene,” Wamono pleaded.

Traders as well said the damaged bridges were as a result of shoddy work done and asked UNRA to immediately repair the bridges to save their agricultural produce from perishing since they are perishable goods.

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heavy rain Bugisu sub-region photo by Yahudu Kitunzi Daily Monitor
Heavy rains damage bridge and cut off business in Bugisu sub-region. Photo/Daily Monitor

Moses Musira, the Manafa District chairperson, asked UNRA to respond to their outcry because most people are stuck in their homes.

“We are doing badly and we request UNRA to rescue us. Our people are not accessing some parts of the district,” Musira said.

Responding to people’s outcry, Tappy Namulondo, the Chief Administrative Officer of Bududa District said they would very much want to repair the damaged bridges in the area, but they don’t have the resources at the moment.

However, she says as soon as the funds are availed, they will correct the mess.

“We want to fix the bridges but we don’t have resources now. If we get funds, we shall work on them this year, but if we fail, we shall work on them next year,” Namulondo said.

The station manager UNRA in Mbale, George Ssonko admitted that some bridges were washed away by floods and promised to put temporary bridges to the affected areas.

“Our team assessed the damages of the bridges and we are waiting for funds to put temporary bridge and culvert so that people can cross. And as I speak now, procurement is ongoing under the emergency fund,” Ssonko stated.

Also, the head of communication in the office of Prime Minister, said the government is working hard to rescue the affected people in the affected parts of the country.

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While UNRA spokesperson, Mark Ssali says their team is monitoring the situation and are only waiting for the water to subsidise and start construction of the temporary bridges.

“We are to construct a temporary bridge and install culverts. Passengers must use other available routes. Our maintenance team is monitoring these sections and will intervene as soon as the water levels subside,” Ssali said.

Affected bridges in Elgon region

Some of the affected bridges in the Elgon region include; Kufu in Manafwa District that connects Bupoto to Magale and Kiguli Bridge in Sironko District, Buwagogo that connects Manafwa to Lwakhakha boarder.

Affected roads by the ongoing floods include; Bubulo-Bududa road but remained mortable and Naboa-Nabinada.

While rivers that burst its banks due to heavy rainfall include; Manafwa, Solkho, Tsutu, Namatala and Nabuyonga rivers.