Kyambogo university parent graduation
Parent collapses on learning daughter’s name was not on the graduation list. File Photo

Kyambogo University Graduation: Parent Collapses in Dean’s Office After her Daughter’s name misses on the graduation list

As Kyambogo University kick-started celebrations for their 16th graduation, parents and students came in big numbers to cross-check through the lists to confirm that their names appear on the graduation list.

Meanwhile, one parent who had gone to check for her daughter’s name on the list collapsed inside the dean’s office upon finding out that her name was missing.

The parent whose name was not disclosed insisted that her daughter had done everything that required her to be graduated Also, her daughter paid all the tuition to zero balance including viewing all her marks on the student’s system but to her surprise, she didn’t see her name.

Besides, she was not the only one affected as many other students also raised complaints about their names missing on the list yet they cleared all that was required.

However, the University management indicated that most students whose names appear to be missing on the list were not approved by the senate but they will be able to receive their transcripts sometime after the graduation has been done.

This year marks the 16th graduation ceremony of Kyambogo Varsity with over 8000 students going to graduate in different disciplines for three days ending this Wednesday.

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Micheal Bamuwamye and Samuel Gafuma are the first two students in the records of the university to graduate with PhD degrees from the Department of Food Technology.

Yesterday, the University held a graduation for the first batch of PhD students. Since the establishment of Kyambogo University in the early 2000’s the university had never produced PhD graduates as it always stopped at Masters Degree level.

Kyambogo university parent graduation
Parent collapses on learning daughter’s name was not on the graduation list. File Photo

Meanwhile, the Kyambogo University Vice-Chancellor, Prof Eli Katunguka Rwakishaaya implied that it was a great achievement not just for the students but also for Kyambogo Varsity.

Prof. Rwakishaaya also pinpointed that of recent they have been teaching PhD students from Kyambogo but they graduate from other Universities.

“For these two students graduating at the university, it’s a sign of growth and maturity of the university,” Rwakishaaya implied.

Appropriately he added that the institution will be encouraging more PhD entries despite the less number of professors that have to supervise them.

“Our University is even more than determined to ensure it is just the beginning of it all, more PhD holders are now going to be graduated from here,” Prof Katunguka added before congratulating the graduands.

By John Dalton Kigozi