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Who is Innocent Tegusulwa?

Who is Innocent Tegusulwa? Flash Uganda Media looks at the biography, early life, age, education, work (Toli Mwavu, Mutwe Gwo Gwe Mwavu), marriage and family of a Ugandan politician.

Innocent Tegusulwa is a Ugandan politician, former Sports Editor at Vision Group, motivational speaker and businessman. 

He’s best known for his Toli Mwavu, Mutwe Gwo Gwe Mwavu programme he presented on Bukedde TV.

In 2020, Innocent dropped his Kinyankore name Ahimbisibwe for Tegusulwa a Kiganda name. He legally became Innocent Tegusulwa formerly Innocent Ahimbisibwe Tegusulwa. 


Tegusulwa who had a dream of studying law at Makerere University Kampala failed Makerere University’s pre-entry exams and this shuttered his dream.

According to Tegusulwa, he failed the Pre-Entry exams because he was so busy preparing for the exams, yet the exams are so hard. But according to him, he will not settle until he joins Makerere University Law School.

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Having quit his job at Bukedde Television, he entered politics in 2021, winning the Nakawa Councilor LC5 seat on the NUP Party ticket.

Work and Experience

Innocent Tegusulwa worked as a Sports Editor at Bukedde Television and Bukedde FM Station before joining politics.

Tegusulwa began his sports journalism career at Star FM, a substation of UBC. However, before joining Star FM, he was a boda boda rider a job he did in his senior six vacations.

This was after his grandmother failed to raise tuition for him to join a higher institution of learning.

Two years later, Tegusulwa joined UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass-Communication, after working as a boda boda rider for two years. Then after graduating, he joined Star FM.

Later on, Tegusulwa joined Bukedde TV. He says he walked to the Bukedde management office and applied for the job, he never did an interview and ever since then, he has never looked back.

In 2021, he joined politics winning the Nakawa Councilor LC5 post on the National Unity Platform (NUP) Party ticket after quitting his job at Bukedde Television.


Innocent Tegusulwa is married to Rosette Atukunda. The two tied the knot at Rubaga Cathedral and later held their reception at the Kampala Serena Hotel.