MTN doubled its data bundles (1)
''Double Data Bundles'' allow customers to receive more data per Shs 500, 1,000, and 2,000. Now they can receive 80MBs rather than 40MBs, 180MBs rather than 100MBs, and 400MBs instead of 300MBs. FILE PHOTO

Through MTN Uganda new ‘Double Data Bundles’, customers receive 80MBs instead of 40MBs for Shs 500, 180MBs instead of 100MBs for Shs 1,000, and 400MBs instead of 300MBs for Shs 2,000.

Uganda’s leading telecommunications giant, MTN Uganda has nearly doubled the size of its data bundles. This happened at the start of February before Airtel Uganda decided to take on the same path.

The data, communication, and mobile money leader, which was the first telecommunications company to list on Uganda’s stock exchange has taken another move by increasing its data bundles at no additional cost. 

Customers of MTN Uganda now receive 80MBs rather than 40MBs for Shs 500, 180MBs rather than 100MBs for Shs 1,000, and 400MBs rather than 300MBs for Shs 2,000.

The Giant which has been around for over two decades had never given much thought to its customer base until recently.

First, it decided to hold its first-ever initial public offering (IPO) hearing at the end of 2021. 

By December 6th, 2021, share applicants had already been allocated a certain number of shares. And approximately 21,000 users are now MTN ordinary shareholders, eligible to receive dividends every year.

Now with the increase in the data bundles at the same original cost, there is more to celebrate for MTN Uganda’s customers. 

These new offers focus on customers’ most frequently used data bundles. The repackaged daily data bundles include more MBs at the same price, providing customers with more data at the same price. 

The initial change was that customers who purchase the UGX500 will receive 65MB instead of 40MB, while those who purchase the UGX1000 will receive 165MB instead of 100MBs 

However, MTN Uganda has gone on to further increase the data packages to effectively compete with the fellow telecom giant, Airtel Uganda.

Below are the latest daily data bundles by MTN Uganda:

ValidityPrice (UGX)Old daily data bundlesNew daily data bundles
24 hours25015 MB30 MB
24 hours50040 MB80 MB
24 hours1,000100 MB180 MB
24 hours2,000300 MB400 MB

To complement the customer benefit, MTN has also invested significantly in optimizing and expanding the country’s 4G data network to improve customer experiences. 

According to a recent report from a global telecom monitoring and testing firm, Rohde & Schwarz, MTN’s data was the best in the country in terms of user experience, speed, reliability, and coverage in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Customers can purchase the bundles via the MyMTN app or by dialling *150*10# and following the prompts.

The other alternative is to: 

  1. Dial *160# and press ok.
  2. Select Bundles.
  3. Choose Mobile internet. 
  4. Select whether to purchase for yourself or another number. If you’ve chosen a different number, you’ll be prompted to enter the recipient’s MTN number.
  5. Choose the “Daily” option.
  6. Select the Daily package that best suits your needs.
  7. Choose whether to purchase using Airtime or Mobile money.
  8. If you choose mobile money, you will be prompted to enter your mobile money pin to complete the transaction.