Kasumba NRM supporter nailed
ISO starts investigations of NRM supporter who was nailed in the hands. Photo/Facebook

Internal Security Organisation (ISO) investigates circumstances that led to the nailing of Kasumba an NRM supporter

On August 28, 2019, Baker Kasumba aged 23, a residence of Avis Kivuulu in Kawempe Division and NRM supporter was attacked by unknown men on his way from work returning home who nailed him, between 8-9 pm at Kalerwe, a Kampala suburb.

Thereafter, the four men nailed Kasumba with a 6-inch nail on the hands, accusing him of supporting the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and wearing a yellow beret.

Narrating the story, Kasumba a Kampala city street vendor says on a fateful day, he left work early at around 7 pm, because it was threatening to rain. But since it was still early, he decided to pass by his auntie’s place in Kalerwe to check on her.

He says as he walked along the street, four men surrounded him, dragged him and pushed him to the nearby water trench.

Despite surrendering all the money he had, the four men did not spare Kasumba.

Kasumba said he offered the men 77000 shillings, he owned that evening, but the men informed him that they are not after his money, but crucifying him for wearing a yellow beret which they warned him against.

“As I walked, I was surrounded by a group of four people who grabbed me by the neck and dragged to the nearby trench. I panicked to give them all the money I had, but they told me they didn’t want money,” Kasumba narrated.

“One of them said he had earlier warned me against putting on a yellow beret. The next thing I heard was a pain as they hit something like a hammer into my palms,” Kasumba said.

After nailing him, Kasumba says he heard them running away as a group of women came for his rescue.

Now following this tragic incident, the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) said they have taken over the investigation into the circumstances that led to the nailing of Kasumba’s hands for allegedly supporting the NRM Party, three months ago.

ISO Director General, Col. Kaka Bagyenda says the reason for their involvement in the matter, they need to check out the growing issue of political violence in the country.

“In the past, before the NRA went to the bush, it was being done as a culture or hobby, where the State was unleashing political violence through youth wingers. However, there is an insurgency this time through the opposition,” Kaka said.

Kaka says for the country to enjoy the good fruits of democracy, political parties and their members must embrace political tolerance. That’s accepting and loving one another’s political ideologies.

“The culture of intolerance can’t take the country anywhere. Youths need to learn the culture of political tolerance if they are to nurture democracy.

However, Col. Kaka in his further remarks said that political violence is not only exhibited by opposition politicians but the Ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) politicians as well, who he said to do it for their personal gains.

“There are some crooks within the NRM who are using intimidation. It is as if they are in a competition. We need to fight this political intolerance.”

About the condition of the victim at a moment, Kaka says he’s undergoing psychiatric and Physiotherapy treatment.

Kasumba’s medical bills are being catered for by the NRM Party. Shortly after his attack, he was admitted to Mulago Hospital, but a few days later, NRM gained interest in the matter and transferred him to the private undisclosed hospital to prevent more attacks on him.