Minister Kyambadde on youth
Minister Amelia Kyambadde poses for a photo with participants after attending an entrepreneurship and job creation awareness training on November 1, 2019. Photo/Daily Monitor

Embrace saving culture to enhance businesses development, Minister Kyambadde urges youth

Twezimbe Development Foundation (TDF) in partnership with Management Training and Advisory Centre (MTAC) held three-day entrepreneurship and job creation awareness conference, at Mpigi District Headquarters, purposely to eradicate poverty among Ugandan youth and women.

Also, the training was aimed at skilling youth and women with business skills to enable them to manage and run their own businesses, to ensure economic sustainability.

However, during the closing ceremony, Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Amelia Kyambadde advised the young generation to adopt a saving culture using the country’s commercial banks, for future investments, and business development.

“Take our commercial banks seriously! Because they’re a good foundation for credit services that would be used to build-up and boost our businesses in the meantime as we’re waiting for more support from other sources,” Kyambadde stated.

The training which was attended by over 20 youth groups and each group having at least 30 members, was asked by the Minister Kyambadde to open up Bank accounts, save to enable banks to lend them money to start-up small businesses.

“Without savings, investment is impossible. You at times ignore these commercial banks, because of interests, but you should also put it in mind there are many opportunities in banks,” Kyabadde said.

“Save well, they give you loans, go and invest the money in our so-called small businesses and at the end of the day, you will see that small business developing bigger and better to eradicate the disease called poverty,” Kyambadde added.

Kyambadde urged youth to exclude politics from a business if industrialisation is to stand in Uganda. She says people should be creative, maintain proper hygiene at the place of work, enhance value additions to their raw products to generate more earnings.

“If you are to become economically empowered, learn to differentiate between politics and development. Involving politics in businesses is one of the biggest challenges Uganda is facing, and we end up making losses. Please help us to develop industrialisation.” Kyambadde said.

Still at the event, Kyambadde promised the youth groups in Mpigi that she will find a market for their finished products. However, she cautioned them to maintain quality such that their products serve both local and international markets.

Also, every group was allocated 9 million shillings as start-up capital. 

Mpigi District Resident Commissioner (RDC), Rosemary Byabasaija in her remarks thanked Minister Amelia Kyambadde for facilitating the training which benefited many Mpigi dwellers.

In the training, participants who were particularly youth and women from Mawokota North received various skills in different projects free of charge. The skills attained include; making Juice, Vaseline, charcoal briquettes, pavers, soap and shampoo.

Additional skills include; customer handling, record keeping, saving culture, personal awareness and business opportunity identification.

The project began in Mpigi Town Council, but it will soon be rolled out to other sub-counties in Mpigi District, still targeting the same groups of people.