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Who is Karitas Karisimbi?

Who is Karitas Karisimbi? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, husband, age, sons, tribe, family, twins, education and background.

Karitas Karisimbi is a Ugandan radio and TV presenter on NXT radio and NBS TV both under Next media services. 

She hosts a show called the chart room that airs every Sunday at 8 pm and on NXT radio she hosts a morning show together with Marcus. 

Karisimbi made her name in the early 2000s when she was hosting a show known as showtime magazine on WBS TV

She hosted it for three years before joining Sanyu FM then joining capital FM where she was among the crew that hosted the breakfast show together with Gaetano and Olanyah.

Education and early life 

Nnalongo Karitas Karisimbi was born in Mulago Hospital and she grew up in the ghetto of Kamwokya and she is a Rwandese by the tribe. 

She comes from the family of eight with more siblings but the firstborn of the family died in a liberation war that brought the NRM government in Uganda. 

Karitasi was raised by a single mum and she says because of the financial strains in her family, her mum started baking chapatti which they could sell to various places as a way of earning income.

Karisimbi says she never thought of being a presenter while growing up but she wanted to be a lawyer but ended up in the media world.  

Karisimbi started her education journey in Nairobi Kenya where she finished her elementary level. She later returned to Uganda and joined East of high Kololo and Namugongo. She also went to City high, Royal College and Hillside international.  

She managed to join an international school because she was brilliant and intelligent and she ended up getting a scholarship and joining an international school. 

Karisimbi didn’t get a chance to continue to the university because of the financial problems they had in the family.

karitas karisimbi biography
Karisimbi made her name in the early 2000s when she was hosting a show known as showtime magazine on WBS TV.

Work and experience

After her senior six, she started working at Hotel international Munyonyo as a waitress and it’s during this time that she meant with Elvis Sekyanzi of club Silk who asked her what she wanted to do. 

She told him that she wanted to be a presenter and at the time the host of show time magazine Teddy was going back to London and WBS had nobody to replace her. 

Elvis connected her to WBS TV and she went for a successful screen test and she officially became the host of the showtime magazine. 

During this time at WBS TV, she started working at Sanyu FM although she didn’t last long at the station. This was because TV kept her busier and she didn’t get enough time to prep for radio and she ended up quitting Sanyu and remaining only on radio. 

After three years she left WBS TV and she ventured into radio with the help of Timothy who helped her in joining capital FM. While at capital she started with an evening show but she was put in the morning show which was called the breakfast show and she hosting it with Gaetano and Oluanyah. 

She worked for the station from 2003 up to 2006 when she decided to take a break from the media. Karitas Karisimbi says she took a break because she wanted to concentrate more on family and to start one and it’s during this time that she became pregnant and gave birth to twins.

After quitting the mainstream media Karisimbi started a production company called K-files and in 2010 she started and produced a reality TV show of Bobi wine and his family which could air on Bukedde TV. 

The show had various episodes and could show how Bobi wine was leaving his life when not on stage. In 2018 she came up with a concept of the show which she ended up calling the chat room. 

According to Karisimbi, she wanted a show similar to that Oprah Winfrey where she could sit down with guests and talk about issues going through their lives and that’s how she ended up coming up with the chat room. 

She took the concept to NBS television and they loved the concept hence premiering the chat room show that airs every Sunday evening on NBS TV. 

In the short time after joining NBS TVNext media started a radio called NXT radio and she was given a chance to return to radio and she started with an evening show called the transit which could air from 3 pm to 7 pm but currently, she hosts a morning show together with Marcus.

Personal life 

Karitas Karisimbi is a mother of two twin boys and their father is a Nigerian businessman although they no longer stay together according to Karitasi he takes care of his children. 

When asked whether there still in a relationship Karisimbi said they’re no longer dating but children unite them.

karitas karisimbi twins
Karitas Karisimbi is a mother of two twin boys and their father is a Nigerian businessman.


Karitas Karisimbi was a close friend of Bebe cool and his wife zuena Kirema but when zuena left Bebe cool in 2008 a rift developed between Karisimbi and Bebe cool who was accusing Karisimbi of influencing and fueling a misunderstanding that had developed between Bebe Cool and his wife zuena

Karisimbi responded by saying that she only helped zuena who run to her asking for help and she could not resist helping her close friend and longtime friend and she offered her a job in her production company. 

Bebe cool said Karisimbi took her wife to zuena to Goodlyfe and it was rumoured that Mowzey Radio started dating with zuena after leaving Bebe cool‘s home.

Karitasi Karisimbi walked away from a live show they were doing with Ronnie after a hotted debate that rose while both were on air and Karitasi had decided to quit the show and the station at large. 

Ronnie later apologized for what he had said but Karisimbi was changed and put in the morning show which she hosts with Marcus.

At the peak of Radio‘s career, it was rumoured that he was dating Karisimbi although the relationship didn’t last for long and late Mowzey Radio met Lillian Mbabazi.