Muhammad Ssegirinya for kawempe north seat
Battle for Kawempe North seat. PHOTO/NP

The Kawempe North constituency aspirant, Muhammad Ssegirinya and Latif Ssebagala face off in the battle of words.

The Kawempe North constituency aspirant, Muhammad Ssegirinya has lashed out at his top opponent Latif Ssebagala claiming that he is only self-centred and not focused on seeing a change to the NRM government.  

In a talk show programme at one local TV station, Ssegirinya who was a panellist together with Betty Nambooze and Latif Ssebagala raised worries why his two colleagues are still political hungry yet they always castigate Museveni for overstay in power.

“I am disappointed, the people on this program are defending each other to overstay in parliament that is strange! I will not return to this program when some people are part of it,’’ Ssegirinya said in discomfort.

“I now know some politicians who are fighting for positions and not the change in Uganda. If someone comes here and says I will leave power in 2030, but at the same time castigating Museveni for overstay in power, it is absurd.’’

Also, the councillor said that he thought the opposition should be more focused on uniting to unseat President Museveni but he is surprised to see a section of members striving hard to become seniors in parliament and not allow the young generation a chance.

“I thought we have been fighting together to unseat Museveni, I did not know some people were fighting to stay in parliament and become seniors, I am disappointed.”

Ssegirinya was also critical of candidates who decided to run on the independent card after missing out on the National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket. He said that missing out on the NUP card would not have bothered him as long as the goal is to fight Museveni out of power.

“If I did not get the NUP card, I would not fight I would use the time to stick to our goal to fight Museveni out of power. Even if I won’t win as a member of parliament but we capture power, my goal would be achieved,” Ssegirinya added.

Muhammad Ssegirinya for kawempe north seat
Battle for Kawempe North seat. PHOTO/NP

His claims came following rounds of criticism from his opponent Latif Ssebagala also on the same programme. Incumbent Ssebagala urged Ssegirinya to remain patient because parliament still needs senior people like him who with serious issues to pass on.

Ssebagala said that he had abandoned the seat but the people of Kawempe said that he still has a lot on his belt to offer them up to at least 2030.

“Parliament is not going away tomorrow, they will wait. We want to continue the foundation of Uganda. Kawempe people should not lose the opportunity to take back someone like me to parliament,’’ he said.

We need seniors, we need people with serious issues in Parliament, I have put so much effort into Islamic Banking, for instance, seniority is required to finish such a matter and that is why I need Ssegirinya to be patient,’’ Ssebagala added confessing that he will be done in 2030.