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Who is Mildred Tuhaise?

Who is Mildred Tuhaise Amooti? Flash Uganda Media looks at her biography, husband, TV career, Education and Background, news and marriage to Swain Ssesanga.

Mildred Tuhaise Amooti, is a Ugandan news anchor, news reporter, talk show host at NBS TV, farmer, businesswoman, choreograph, mother and a wife. 

She’s one of the popular TV personalities who has taken over Ugandan screens and has been the talk of the town about her resilience and commitment when it comes to bringing up captivating and thrilling news you can expect with a graceful touch.

Tuhaise is so passionate about politics and very articulate, a super-informed young woman whose mind dissects issues at a higher level and asks questions that leave her guests amazed and pondering on what to answer.

Tuhaise is a selfless loving and caring woman. She’s a go-getter and believes nothing is impossible. In her view, things are just challenging but when you fall, you can always dust yourself up and try or move to another. 

Early Life and Education

Mildred Tuhaise was born in Masindi District. She has three siblings who are both girls and Tuhaise is the youngest. Growing up in a family of only girls Tuhaise chose to hang around boys and that taught her a lot about them, especially what they said about girls. So, it would be so hard for a man to lie to her.

Tuhaise comes from a humble family where she lacked nothing but got enough and given what she exactly desired, even if it came in late but at least she got it.

Mildred Tuhaise is a bubby lady; she has been talkative and so loud since her childhood, unless she’s sick, feeling depressed or having a problem. She says her mother knew that all the way. She would look for where there is a crowd in the village and then she would easily locate her, she has been naturally talkative her entire life.

mildred tuhaise NBS TV
Tuhaise stormed the limelight after shifting to NBS TV.

However, Tuhaise is a good listener especially when someone more informed than her or louder is speaking. That way she can ask questions and pick some ideas. 

Tuhaise lived her childhood life in hospital quarters simply because her mother was a nurse and had her primary school education at Saba primary school located in Masindi district then she transferred to Kawempe Mbogo Secondary School for her Ordinary Level studies.

After, Mildred Tuhaise joined Kisubi High School briefly and then St. Peter’s Secondary School Naalya where she obtained her Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

Tuhaise then moved to Makerere University to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and graduated in the year 2013. However, Tuhaise did not practice her profession but rather went for journalism because journalism is more like her passion, she enjoys doing it and today she’s a celebrated journalist in the country.

Tuhaise narrates that while studying at campus she fed on mangoes for lunch because she was broke. She used to stay with her sister because being the youngest in the family; she had to be protected by the elders and to monitor her movements. Her sister was a doctor at Mulago though she was also studying meaning they were both students. 

Tuhaise used to walk from Kyebando where she stayed through Mulago, Katanga then uses the Eastern gate to campus for lectures. She was also an active participant in church and she used to walk through Kikumi Kikumi to her church Christian Life Church in Bwaise, she was a church girl. Although she could have money for a taxi, most times she walked.

While at the campus, Mildred Tuhaise says she does not remember buying handouts because she would get notes online and she didn’t have a lot of time at campus because of her news anchoring job. Her lectures could go up to 4 pm and the news on Top TV was at 9 pm. So, she would make it to the office by 7 pm and it wasn’t a hectic schedule for her because the only thing she had to do was to prepare scripts and then read. 

In Interactive Programming, Tuhaise revealed she got the poorest mark in all the course units which were 47%.

In all these, Tuhaise didn’t get any retake but she missed a paper of which to date she asks herself if she was stupid. She missed a paper called communication skills because she had the wrong timetable. She came for the paper on Thursday after it had been done the previous day Wednesday.

Mildred Tuhaise did not attend night clubs or bar nights while at campus being a church girl, a statement many contends with. “All my life I have never been to a bar or a club in anyway. I am a church girl and that is the foundation I grew with to date.”

Tuhaise’s favourite celebrity 

Pastor Wilson Bugembe was Tuhaise’s best while still at campus because he’s so much related to her hustle and struggle. And on the other side, she used to look up to Juliana Kanyomozi because she would admire the way she approached life.

“I must say it was a trying life for a young girl, but it depends on what you stand and live for in life. Don’t pay attention to what you are going through in life but pay attention to what you want to achieve in life and work out strategies to outdo the current situation.”

Work and Experience 

She started her career as a teenager around 2007, she was asked to voice an advert on Top Television

Mildred Tuhaise did the job very well and was invited as a guest on the Teen’s show for the television and after becoming a frequent visitor, she was asked to start presenting the show something she did very well until she outgrew her teenage years and began presenting other shows like the cookery show.

One time while she still working at Top television, the news anchor went off for maternity leave and others had quit the television station and therefore, she was told to step into anchor news. 

Tuhaise was at the university at the time, her voice was tested and she did the anchoring well, and that’s how she started anchoring the news.

From Top television, Mildred Tuhaise joined WBS television and after its collapse, she moved to NBS Television, the most popular TV station in Uganda. NBS is a brand of Next Media Group; she does news anchoring, talk show host and a reporter.

Currently, Tuhaise anchors the lunchtime news NBS At One and a talk show host on the Morning Breeze, a morning show airing every day.

Even with her husky voice Tuhaise has managed to make it and she says her husky voice is her trademark. She narrates that when her producer at Top TV was giving her the anchoring job, he wondered if she would pull it off. 

“My voice has always been husky. My mum tells me a story that when she gave birth to me, she thought I was a boy because of my deep voiced cry. In school they used to tease me that I swallowed a frog, but I got used and I have now embraced my voice.” 

Tuhaise narrates that her mother told her that when she gave “My voice is extremely husky and people say they sometimes don’t hear the last word or last letters, but they adapted. Some people refer to me as ssebo (if you speak to Mildred without seeing her, the mistake is forgivable, but it doesn’t offend me. I think it is a unique voice. My husky voice is my trademark.

mildred tuhaise amooti wbs tv
Tuhaise joined WBS television and after its collapse, she moved to NBS.

Tuhaise used to do choreography when she was not busy and they had a dance group that used to perform and therefore she is good at dancing.

She is also passionate about agriculture and owns one and a half acres of land where she plants tree seedlings, fruits among others. 

Tuhaise’s farming business was her first item of value she held while at the campus, she didn’t have a lot of money but she ventured into nursery farming because she is a very enterprising woman. She used every penny she earned to invest in her business.

Tuhaise stormed the limelight after shifting to NBS TV and specifically the live coverage which she was engaged in. 

And also the 2016 elections that come in. The provisional results also brought a bashing from the audience and the results caused a bit of an uproar and brought Tuhaise to the limelight too.

Her sense of humour, informative topics and brilliant commentary from live events have kept many viewers fastened to NBS TV’s morning show dubbed “NBS Morning Breeze” which she hosts.

Tuhaise says she ended up in journalism because the job market in Uganda is funny, sometimes what you expect to get is not what you get and end up settling for any job opportunity that comes around. 

Tuhaise started off her journalism career as a Teen Presenter. However, she didn’t see herself as a future TV presenter but rather a designer because she loved Art. She loved making a lot of craft when she was young and craft out a few clothes that she took out to tailors and told to make something brighter.

So, the idea of TV came in her Form 4 vacation in 2005, she was in church taking part in a Youth ministry and one time a gentleman working with Top TV comes and told her if she could voice an advert.

She stated that she had never done that before but she went and did the advert, which was okay for a teens show, he then told her to go visit through as a guest on a Saturday show and from then she became a frequent guest. 

So, eventually, she was taken on as a teen presenter for the show around 2007 and she rose through the ranks as she conducted different shows. A teen show, a cookery show, a music show, a kid’s show and that nurtured her ability to do just about anything on TV.

However, the news anchoring project came in specifically around 2009 while at Makerere University. While at the campus, one of the ladies who were reading news was moving on to another station and the other was going for Maternity leave so there was a gap. The editor asked her then if she could do news and she accepted.

Tuhaise worked with Top TV until 2012 in October and then moved on to WBS where she was taken on for a morning show and news with a bit of reporting. She worked with WBS till April 2015 and then joined NBS TV till date.

Besides her TV career, Tuhaise has a non-profit organization called Girls Incorporated Uganda from where she trains, sensitizes and empowers Young Girls to develop skills that will enable them to improve their standards of living and achieve their dreams to live a remarkable life.

Tuhaise is well informed about politics. In her argument politics is something interesting. It is more like a story with events that keep unfolding everyday which makes it easy to track the facts. It’s more of a repetitive game in that something that happened someday somewhere ends up happening again and all you have to do is make a referral. She also does some bit of research.

Tuhaise reads to keep herself updated. In her confession she’s not a good reader; she cannot read an entire book but she can read articles on the internet, in the newspaper and also engages with people who like politics.

Tuhaise reveals that she has been attacked mostly on social media and the streets and even at church over something political she mentioned while on TV particularly during the election period. 

Although she loves politics, Tuhaise does not house any political ambition, not at all. She’s more of a business-minded person but most of her friends say she should try something in politics. 

Also, she has been a leader in all her entire school life serving in various capacities ranging from a pencil collector in the nursery to a head prefect and many other leadership positions. I just decided to calm it down at campus to re-strategize and that’s when she started her own farming business.

Tuhaise is a farmer. She loves telling people she’s a farming journalist. She owns a nursery bed. It is on one and a half acres of land in a place called Dundu, work she does over the weekend. She particularly deals in all forms of tree and flower seedlings.

Family/relationship and personal life

Mildred Tuhaise is married to Swain Ssesanga and together they have children. The two got married in a colourful traditional ceremony in 2018. Tuhaise believes in marriage and family because she’s a strong Christian and according to her without patience and understanding marriage or relationship cannot exist.

She says understanding comes from listening and if you don’t have the above qualities everything will fall apart.

Mildred Tuhaise is not a good reader as many may think and expect. She neither watches movies so often but she mainly keeps up-to-date by reading newspapers and listening to a lot. She listens to everything she can more so, on conversations that involve someone she knows to be well informed.

Sometimes Tuhaise gets emotional particularly when something bad happens to her family, she would cry. She also cries when she sees people suffer and that’s the reason she does not visit hospitals.

tuhaise at nbs tv
Currently, Tuhaise anchors the lunchtime news NBS At One and a talk show host on the Morning Breeze.

Dress code

Mildred Tuhaise wears body-hugging clothes. In her explanation she hates feeling her body shaking, that’s why she primarily go for body-hugging clothes because they always make her feel one tight package. 

“Of course everyone will interpret the clothes differently (my boss one time told me that viewers were watching me, but not listen because of the dress I was wearing), but for me it is all about looking good and feeling nice.”

Religious Affiliation

Mildred Tuhaise is a born again Christian and one thing she can’t do without is her faith. She’s a fully packed church girl who participates in church activities like singing in the choir, and although Tuhaise sings in the church she has never considered a musical career as many have done.

Tuhaise says she’s not a fanatic Christian but a believer. She does not segregate between people and brand others according to their religious stands. She does not go to clubs not because of her religious background but because of her tight schedule.

“At campus I used to attend lectures during day and I would just become tighter. I don’t take beer because I find it bitter, but I take some wine. I know the fanatics aren’t like me at all.”

The only time she has been to a bar was when they held a staff party at NBS TV; although she’s a dancing freak presenting I do ball-room and other dance styles. She trains at In Motion Studio.