recent kidnaps and killings of Ugandans
Government releases report on the recent kidnaps and killings of Ugandans. File Photo

Kidnaps and murders prevailing in the country are the work of NRM detractors, says Government report

Government has finally released a report on the recent kidnaps and killings prevailing in the country in the Thursday Plenary Sitting, chaired by Deputy Speaker, Jacob Oulanyah which answered legislators and public questions on the state of kidnaps and killings existing in the country. 

Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen Jeje Odong presenting a joint ministerial statement before parliament cited the use of duplicated phones which are hard to track, drag abuse misuse of Social Media, NRM detractors as factors responsible for the increasing kidnaps and murders in the country among others.

“Many detractors of NRM know this! And are now attempting to create an impression that NRM has failed to provide security. Their quite a numbery of duplicated Telephones handsets in circulation, these duplicates make it difficult to track dubious callers,” Odong said.

Gen Odong however, informed legislators that government is working hard to curb the crimes by tightening security in the country.

“We are going to improve our 999, to improve our contact with the population and our response time. We shall also improve on our command levels, for both the LDU Units as well as at the Police Station Units. We are going to improve monitoring and officers at the reception counters at the police stations,” Odong stated.

Nevertheless, Odong revealed that they have begun engaging the Finance Ministry to review taxes of CCTV Cameras and reduce its costs, such that interested Ugandans access them to help in security.

“We are now engaging the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development to review the taxes imposed on CCTV Cameras,” Odong said. 

Additionally, Odong said that they have also started engaging separate ministries to draft policies on how to manage the operations of the boda boda business in Uganda.

“Government is carrying out consultations between the Ministry of Works, Communication and Transport, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Security, Ministry of Kampala Capital City Authority and Ministry of Local Government. With a view of coming up with a policy guide on how to control and manage the boda boda industry,” Odong stated.

In his further remarks, Odong warned Ugandans against politicising security in the country saying the government will not allow this to prevail in the country.

“I would like to encourage all of us, to avoid politicising security,” Odong noted.

This, in turn, generated serious reactions from opposition legislators saying they are not being political on the issue of kidnap and murders going on in the country because the situation is real.