Luke Owoyesigire 9 arrested for theft, cyber crimes in Nasana (1)
Deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire said the operations targeted criminal gangs dealing in fake minerals, electronic fraud and offensive communications. FILE PHOTO

Following an increase in cases of cyber crime by fake telephone callers, the territorial police of Nansana on Saturday arrested nine individuals suspected to be behind the said crimes.

The territorial police of Nansana arrested nine suspects who are suspected to be behind recent cyber crimes committed by fake telephone callers on Saturday as a result of an increase in cases.

The intelligence-led operation that was carried out at around 1am in areas of Nansana West 2A (Kibulooka) saw nine suspects arrested and suspected stolen items also recovered.

According to Luke Owoyesigire, deputy police spokesperson, the operations were aimed at trapping down criminal gangs of fraudsters dealing in fake minerals, electronic fraud and offensive communication. 

During the operation, Owoyesigire disclosed that a number of items including stolen phones, laptops and other gadgets were recovered. Also recovered was a list of people who are believed to be their victims according to the deputy spokesman.

“The items include 24 suspected stolen phones, suspected fake minerals, a laptop suspected of being used in cyber crime. Other items recovered include copies of a land sales agreement, Visa ATM card, marijuana and a list of people who are believed to be their victims,” Owoyesigire said.

He raised after a series of other investigations, they established that the scene of crime was being used as a conference for the gangs to carry out hoax calls to unsuspecting victims.

Owoyesigire revealed that when these suspects make calls to their targets, they pretend to be working for telecom companies.

“The suspects lure their victims into believing that such calls are from telecommunications companies like MTN, Airtel and different government institutions and departments before they ask for their financial details,” Owoyesigire disclosed.

He however, noted that all property including mobile phones that was recovered will be submitted to the Directorate of Forensic Services for analysis.

“We believe we will be able to identify most victims. Currently the suspects are detained at Nansana Police Station on allegations of possession of suspected stolen items and possession of narcotic substances.”

In addition, he urged the general public to always remain vigilant to incidents of fraud more so to phone calls they receive from people luring them to share their financial details.

“We highly caution the public to remain vigilant as there is an increase in cases of cyber crime by people who pretend to be from telecommunication networks. More details will be available as soon as investigations are done,” he added.