Democratic Party sack Barnabas Nawangwe
DP asks the government to sack Prof Nawangwe with immediate effect. File Photo

DP asks the government to sack Prof Barnabas Nawangwe with immediate effect

Makerere University students for one week plus have engaged in serious protests that caused standoff to the university business, following the 15 per cent cumulative tuition increment policy, over the next five years.

The scuffle between university students and the university management that began on the 22, October 2019, drew the attention of almost everybody in the country.

Now according to Democratic Party (DP), Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the Vice-Chancellor Makerere University should be fired, with immediate effect.

DP President and a former Makerere University Guild President, Norbert Mao says Barnabas Nawangwe has totally failed to manage the institution because he lacks good management skills to lead a big institution like Makerere University.

Mao says; the time he was the Makerere University Guild President, he mobilised his fellow students, held a general assembly and fired the VC of the time.

He, however, urged Makarere University students to apply the same method and dismiss Barnabas Nawangwe.

Mao adds that; Makerere University needs professional managers who possess knowledge on how to run a University and human resource management.

“I think it is time for Makerere to start looking for the new vice-chancellor, we call upon the government to dismiss him, and I think the students should add that to their demands. When I was the guild President we convened the general assembly and dismissed the vice-chancellor ourselves as students,” Mao said.

Mao made the remarks during a press conference held on Tuesday at the Party’s headquarters in Kampala.

He, however, advised students council, the guild to use the powers entrusted in them to intelligently struggle and come up with a solution to this problem.

“Let the guild representative sit and pass resolutions. Let the general assembly of guild be convened, so that you can discuss these stinging issues,” Mao observed.

Besides, Mao says Makerere University is a public institution, which according to him shouldn’t be compared to other institutions of learning, because a public institution, is meant to be affordable for both the poor and the rich.

Mao adds that the new tuition policy is intended to promote social injustices, that’s driving away from the poor and leaving Makerere for only the rich.

He, therefore, asked the university management to recall the policy such that the institution becomes affordable for all classes of people in the country.

“Makerere University is a public university and we demand that the government should meet the bulk of expenses, secondly in any increment, it should be based on agreement,” said Mao.