Makerere University freshers warned against unsafe relationships
Josephat Byamugisha has called upon the new entrants to prohibit from engaging in unhealthy sexual practices.

Makerere University Director of Health Services, Josephat Byamugisha has warned freshers warned against unsafe relationships

While addressing a group of newly admitted students (Freshers) during their orientation at Makerere University Freedom Square, the University’s Director of Health Services, Josephat Byamugisha has called upon the new entrants to prohibit from engaging in unhealthy sexual practices.

In so doing, Byamugisha also warned students about the prominent behaviour of sleep-overs since, over the years, many students have been reported to be infected with STDs that have arisen out this unhealthy habit.

“I would like to see all of you healthier as you complete the programs,”

As well, students have different health statuses and in most cases, they don’t put into perspective, regular checkups.

“I would like to warn you about this growing habit of sleepovers. You need to be very careful with people you sleep with. It is also very important that the guidelines that are given by the university are followed. Because we have realized that if not followed, some people end up in the University hospital with injuries,” he said.

“I would like to see all of you healthier as you complete the programs, you will be having more information, you would have acquired more skills, so it is critical that you respect the reasons why you came here,” he added.

This being their first official orientation ceremony, the first-year students for the academic year 2019/20 gathered in the University’s newly renovated Freedom Square to be educated about the values, norms and behaviours accepted in this new setting.

As one of the main speakers at this gathering, the University’s academic registrar Alfred Masikye-Namoah who took the freshers through several issues ranging from academics to lifestyle among others warned them (freshers) against being misled by continuing students.

Masikye also stressed that the University will dismiss any student who fails a particular course unit on three attempts.

“There are some of your friends who are seated within you here, they have been here for the last seven years and they are going to confuse you around but I don’t want you to be in that category where you are going to stay here for a very long period of time,” he said.

 “If you fail, we will give you a retake, first, second, third attempt and if you fail on a third attempt, we shall give you a letter to dismiss you from Makerere University. We want everybody to complete his/her program in the prescribed period,” he added.

Although he was absent at this gathering, the University Vice-Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe sent a message welcoming all new entrants to their new home.

Meanwhile, for this academic year, the University admitted over 20,000 new students. As it has been the trend over the years even this time around, the first-year students reported one week earlier than continuing students.

They reported on 4th August, while the continuing students will report on 10th.

This is aimed at enabling new entrants to acquaint themselves with such key facilities at the University like the Library, University Hospital, Games and Recreation Facilities.

Freshers are therefore expected to take advantage of the week to survey and acquaint themselves with the general campus layout without forgetting, registration.

With registration set to commence on Tuesday 6 August, the University has also called on the students to ensure that they are registered first centrally and then with each of their respective colleges, schools, departments, halls, and the University hospital.

Registration Requirements

For a candidate to qualify to be a bonafide student of the University, he/she must be registered.

Registration is a mandatory requirement of the University which must be done within the first two (2) weeks from the beginning of the semester by every student.

Privately sponsored students will pick their original admission letters after payment of 60% tuition and all functional fees from their respective colleges.

For registration purposes, all first-year students MUST produce their original documents. Government-sponsored students shall pay the following fees to Makerere University Fees Collection Accounts:

a) University Rules Booklet – Shs. 2,645/=

b) Undergraduate Gown – Shs. 21,160/=

c) Identity Card – Shs. 45,000/=

d) Guild Subscription Fee (Per Year) – Shs. 13,225/=

e) Endowment Fee (Per Year) – Shs. 6,613/=

f) Senior Common Room fee (Per Year) – Shs. 6,613/=

g) Sports Contribution Fee (Per Year) – Shs. 19,838/=

h) Medical fee (Per Year) – Shs. 57,500/=

Total – Shs. 179,206/=


(i) The Fees Structure (bill) for either Government or Private is attached on your admission letter.

. (ii) Total functional fees for Government and Privately Sponsored Students are 179,206/= and 860,955/= respectively for Ugandans and East Africans.

.(iii) International students’ functional fee is 1,516,253/=.

.(iv) Students admitted to affiliated Institutions like Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and its Upcountry centres, Mulago Health Tutors College, Hospice Africa, Nsamizi Training School etc. are advised to pick their fees structure from their respective Colleges/Schools/Centres.

Other Fees

a) National Council for Higher Education fee (Per Year) – Shs. 20,000/= (Payable to the National Council for Higher Education Account in Stanbic Bank)

b) UNSA Subscription Fee (Per Year) – Shs. 2,000/= (payable to Stanbic Bank, City Branch, A/C 0140007248501)

Change of Programme/Subjects

(a) Change of Programme

Since selection for specific programmes was made according to each candidate’s performance and order of programme choices, taking into account the available subject combinations and time-table limitations, there is normally little need to change the programme of subjects. However, some places become vacant when some of the students admitted do not take up the offers. Such places are filled through a change of programme/subjects.

Change of programme will be online. Each student who may wish to change his/her programme/subject is required to pay an application fee of Shs. 6,000/= plus the bank charges to Stanbic Bank, dfcu Bank, Post Bank, Centenary Bank, Post Bank and UBA Bank.

(b) Change of Subjects

Students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences or the College of Education and External Studies may wish to change their subjects. Change of Subject will be done online on payment of Shs. 6,000/=, to either Stanbic Bank, dfcu Bank, Post Bank, Centenary Bank, and UBA Bank.

Students should be aware that changing one subject may result in a change of College. Before students apply to change their programmes, Colleges and Subjects, they are encouraged to seek advice on the cut-off point(s) for programmes, requirements for specific subjects and possible subject combinations.

Students are notified and warned that changing a programme or transferring to another subject or College without proper authority will lead to discontinuation from the University.

A student who has been permitted to change his/her programme or subject(s) is issued with a letter stating so, and on receipt of such a letter that student should complete the ACCEPTANCE FORM and return a copy to the Undergraduate Admissions and Records Office (Room 303), the former and the new College/School and ICT Office (Level 6, Room 615) Senate Building.

The change of programme/subjects will be done online from Monday 15 July, 2019 to Friday 9 August, 2019 at Level 3 in the Internet Cafe and Level 6, Room 612 Senate Building.

Meanwhile, it is advisable that only those students who meet the cut-off points for the desired programmes may apply.

Schedule summary

Saturday 3 August, 2019 to Friday 9 August, 2019 (7 Days) – Orientation Week

Semester One

Saturday 10 August, 2019 to Saturday 7 December, 2019 (17 Weeks)

Semester One Vacation

Saturday 7 December, 2019 to Friday 17 January, 2020 (17 Weeks)

Semester Two

Saturday 18 January, 2020 to Saturday 16 May, 2020 (17 Weeks)

Semester Two Vacation

Saturday 16 May, 2020 to Saturday 25 July, 2020 (10 Weeks)

By John Dalton Kigozi