Grace Khan kissing Kojja Kitonsa
Me and Kojja Kitonsa was a love stunt to promote my music – Grace Khan confesses. Photo/Blizz Uganda

There was nothing much between me and Kojja Kitonsa; it was simply a stunt to promote my songs – Grace Khan

Many have commented and others have taken side about herbalist Kojja Kitonsa and Grace Khan saga, which left many wondering what really might have happened to their shinning love. Was it a stunt? Keep reading.

Grace Khan revealed the trick behind this whole saga in a tv interview saying that there was nothing much between her and Kojja Kitonsa but that they used to love as a stunt to achieve their goals quickly and easily.

“Kitonsa events management and I reached an agreement of finding relevancy; we decided to come up with a stunt to grab people’s attention so we painted the picture that we are in love. It was all just stunt and nothing more…haha ha…,” Grace Khan claimed.

The singer adds that this agreement did not only involve the two of them, her and Kojja Kitonsa, but it was a panel of 8 members, all of whom supported the idea.

“And we were not only the two of us, but there were also 8 people. We sat down and thought of how we would quickly publicize my songs, so we ended up with that…Hahaha; there is no big deal in that sense for us we got what we wanted from you, and it is that… Stop panicking…haha ha

Grace and Kitonsa have appeared on TV in serious romance actions where Grace Khan continuously kissed Kojja Kitonsa thrice, during a party she had organized for him.

Kitonsa dumping singer Grace Khan
Grace Khan kissed Kojja Kitonsa during a party she had organized for him

Grace Khan also went on to state how much she loves Kojja Kitonsa and there is no other woman who loves Kojja.

“I know many out there are judging, I can assure you one thing I love him, he is my man. I don’t know any other woman… there isn’t any; do you want me to deceive? If she is there let her come out and express herself….(singing) my gold it’s the heart that chose you, if you are clo

But a few days ago, Kitonsa after allegedly dumping singer Grace Khan and returned to wife Ssenga Namatovu during the celebration of his baby’s birthday “Akhika” on 6th January.

He made it clear that he and singer Grace Khan is just artiste-manager and whatever people thought or said wasn’t real.

“As you all know my projects with Grace Khan are still going on, I am her manager and you are aware of that…everything is okay,” Kojja Kitonsa cleared.

Was it a stunt as Grace Claims? We are yet to prove from Herbalist Kojja William Kitonsa of Bakitonsa Herbal and Research Center also Events promoter.

We shall keep you posted