Nnabagereka Buganda fight against corruption
Nnabagereka of Buganda Sylvia Nagginda joins fight against corruption. File Photo

Nnabagereka of Buganda Sylvia Nagginda joins parliament to fight corruption

Sylvia Nagginda the Nnabagereka of Buganda has joined the move to fight corruption in the country. Through the Nnabagereka Development Foundation (NDF), she has partnered with Parliament to stamp out corruption.

Nnabagereka’s major focus will be curbing corruption tendencies through emphasizing human values and ethics together with legislators and other leaders in the country.

Andrew Adrian Mukiibi, the Chairperson of NDF revealed that the Buganda Kingdom will equip legislators with skills of how to fight corruption packaged with cultural norms and values to help shape people’s character.

“Buganda will equip the MPs with technical, modern and cultural skills of fighting corruption. This move is aimed at sharing experience, as well as agreeing on means to achieve more effective ways of discharging our role,” Mukiibi said.

Mukiibi made the remarks during an intervention between the NDF and the chairpersons of political caucuses in Parliament on Wednesday 8th, January 2020 at Golden Tulip Hotel in Kampala.

The attendees included legislators from Buganda, Alur, Acholi, Busoga, and Bunyoro region.

Nnabagereka Buganda fight against corruption
Nnabagereka of Buganda Sylvia Nagginda joins fight against corruption. File Photo

Speaking, Mukiibi said that the fight will help harness the power of cultural leaders to promote human values and ethics to see that Uganda gains peace, development and social transformation.

“We aim at rectifying any wrong that has happened to that specific individual without necessarily prosecuting people,” Mukiibi said.

However, Mukiibi adds that in this case, every legislator will be equipped with skills basing on his cultural background, just like the Kisakattee of Buganda has been doing.

“For years, the Buganda tradition and morals have been of great importance and instilling morals into people, especially children, is a way of preparing them to face challenges in life wherever they are.”

Mukiibi believes that corruption will be history if people’s characters are worked upon for instance; if the right values, norms based on their culture is instilled.

“We are sure that once people appreciate good values and are taught through the norms and customs centred on human values and ethics, corruption will be history,” said Mukiibi.

Commenting on the upcoming general elections, Mukiibi urged leaders to elect leaders with integrity, focus on development projects.

“Corruption is a disease, we want a leader that should not entertain and tolerate nonsense,” Mukiibi said.

Buhaguzi County MP Hoima District, Daniel Muheirwe said that working with partners who are more attached to culture is a great move because it will transform societies both morally, socially and politically.

“This is a good innovation for breeding a social movement that has the consequences of creating a new breed of transformative leadership and a morally responsible group of people,” Muheirwe said.