Fred Byamukama increasing taxi and transportation fares
Fred Byamukama the State Minister for Works and Transport. PHOTO/NTV YPUTUBE

According to the Ministry of Works and Transport, the increase in public transport fares is understandable due to the rise in fuel prices.

The Ministry of Works and Transport has said that the increment in public transport fares is understandable due to the increasing fuel prices across the country.

Last week, following a hike in diesel prices, the Federation of Uganda Taxi Operators (UTOF) said they had revised their prices in a bid to help them maintain sustainability in their business.

In reference to a document that went circulating on social media, transport fares for different places were increased by at least sh500 to sh5000 depending on the kilometre distance.

However, in the wake of events, the government has come out to state that they cannot dictate public transport prices because fuel prices also increased and to be in a position to cope, the business owners have also hiked their fares to help them manage.

According to Fred Byamukama the State Minister for Works and Transport, they have, however, reviewed these prices changes to see that they are not exaggerated.

“The proposed increment in fares has been reviewed to ensure that they are not exploitative. The Ministry is therefore aware of justifiable increments in transport fares basing on the prevailing cost of fuel,” Byamukama indicated in a statement.

He mentioned that the review saw an increment of sh500 added on top of the previous prices for all trips within the capital city Kampala, sh1000 for trips exceeding 35kms while sh2000 was decided for trips between 40kms and 100kms.

“There is an increase of Shs 3000 for trips beyond 130kms and an increase of Shs 5000 for trips beyond 140kms,” Byamukama added saying it is within the government’s mandate to regulate and monitor public transport but not dictate transport fares which are greatly determined by the forces of demand and supply.

This however comes at a time when President Museveni has summoned the National Resistance Movement caucus over skyrocketing prices of goods and commodities including fuel.

“This is to inform you that His Excellency the president will chair the NRM caucus meeting on April 26, 2022 at 2pm at the Independence Grounds, Kololo, Kampala. The purpose of the meeting is for members to receive a brief on the country’s economic situation. This letter, therefore communicates the information to you for your further management,” Museveni said in a letter written by his principal private secretary, Dr Kenneth Omona.