Minister Haruna Kasolo Leave Uganda if You Don’t Want to Become Rich
Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, the State Minister for Microfinance, says Ugandans who cannot benefit from government projects should leave the country as soon as possible. FILE PHOTO

Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo, the State Minister for Microfinance, has said Ugandans who cannot take advantage of government projects should leave the country immediately.

The State Minister for Microfinance, Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo has said Ugandans who cannot utilise government projects to become wealthy should depart the country immediately.

“Becoming wealthy is now compulsory. You can no longer decide not to do it. This is not for fun but serious business. If you don’t want to become rich, leave Uganda and go to other countries,” Kasolo said.

He made the remarks on Tuesday while speaking in the Bughendera County constituency in Bundibugyo district as he commenced his duties of monitoring the progress of the Emyooga program in the Rwenzori region.

Kasolo noted that over the years, the NRM government has introduced a number of initiatives aimed at ensuring the wellbeing of Ugandans including the Parish Development Model but these seem to be ignored.

The minister meanwhile, revealed that under his tight supervision, they will ensure no Ugandan is left behind in the fight against poverty because the program does not discriminate.

“We have now made wealth creation a government policy. It is no longer a choice but compulsory. You remember a time when people refused to take children for immunization claiming their children would be killed?” 

“We sent RDCs to enforce immunization and the results are visible. If we had not done that, we couldn’t succeed. Now we no longer have whooping cough, measles and polio among other diseases,” Kasolo said.

He added that government will focus on ensuring that the Wealth Creation program is made compulsory for every Ugandan. He, however, warned that the funds are meant to help individuals start up their businesses and not to be shared.

“Wealth creation is now compulsory. We have recruited parish chiefs and will be given computers to register all residents in the parish whose names will be put in the national database. If it’s a man, we want to know, how many wives he has. We must plan for you with clear understanding of who you are. All of you must be in economic activity. You must have a daily income generating activity.”

“As government, we know you don’t have capital to start up your businesses. It is the reason we came up with Emyooga . The program is not for sharing money amongst yourselves. That is a wrong mentality that most of you have, The Emyooga fund is meant to be revolving. In this term we will not allow poverty to flourish,” he added.