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Museveni Introduces the Parish Development Model (1)
President Yoweri Museveni. PHOTO/TWITTER

During his launch of the Parish Development Model (PDM), President Museveni said it is essential that homesteads that are still operating on subsistence economies go commercial.

As President Yoweri Museveni launched the Parish Development Model (PDM) on Sunday, 27th, 2022, he reiterated the need for homesteads operating in subsistence economies to move to a commercial model.

“Our main focus now is the transformation of the population from the culture of working for only the stomach to working for both the stomach and money,” Museveni made the remarks on Sunday 27th, 2022 as he launched the Parish Development Model (PDM) at Kibuku Primary School, Kibuku District in Bukedi Sub-region.

What is the Parish Development Model?

The Parish Development Model (PDM) is a whole system to help Ugandans transform from Subsistence to Monetary economy through calculative agriculture.

Museveni who was quick to remind Ugandans about a promise he made shortly after he was named victor in the January 2021 elections reiterated that the ongoing 2021-2026 term is focused on creating wealth, jobs, and incomes for all Ugandans. 

As a result, he mentioned that this is one of the reasons why the government is launching the PDM to among others, see that many locals are transformed through the above vision.

“This is a whole system to help us transform from Subsistence to Monetary economy through calculative agriculture. The efforts now should be sensitizing our people how and who to do what. Because we don’t want our people to do what won’t help them,” Museveni said.

“I appeal to all leaders (political, religious, cultural, etc) to join hands with the government to sensitize the communities and promote the PDM. This is a multi-sectoral strategy to create socio-economic transformation by moving 39% households out of the subsistence economy.”

He said under this strategy, the Parish Chief will be the coordinator of all Government efforts at each of the 10,594 parishes and will report to the Sub-County Chief. 

Each parish will have a cooperative society/Sacco through which Government support will be channelled. The president, however, reminded Ugandans that the PDM is not the only way out of poverty.

He said there are many development ventures in place including Emyooga that are already running in the country. 

Museveni who urged all individuals to get involved in the various fields of economic development said it is this involvement that will help each one to benefit.

“We also have Emyooga and have identified four sectors for wealth and job creation: Commercial Agriculture, Industry, Services and Information, Communication Technology (ICT). This is because we don’t want spectators. 

We want everyone to be in the field of economic development, working. Once that is done we shall eliminate poverty and achieve Middle Income Status at a much faster pace,” Museveni added.