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Ministry of Health: preliminary results shows Karamoja food was safe,now awaiting results from Kenya and S.A

Preliminary report from the suspected food poisoning in the Districts of Napak and Amudat in Karamoja region, shows that super cereal food supplied by World Food Programme does not contain any bacterial infection, from the food samples taken and tested at Butabika public health laboratories.

This was disclosed by the Minster of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Achieng, at a media briefing at the Ministry of Health headquarters.

“The Central Health Laboratory has only given us preliminary results of porridge, flour, urine and blood. That there has been completely no bacterial growth.”

Earlier on the Minister of Health declared a four session investigation plan, to establish possible causes of this incident. And to find out whether the disaster happened in Karamoja, is related to WFP supplied super cereals foods supplied.

“What I can say is that we cannot make any conclusions as yet, we need to get results from the different four areas where we sent the samples. Central Health Laboratory, we need results from the government analytical laboratory, we need results from Kenya, we need results from South Africa. Thereafter, we shall harmonise these results and invite all of you for a feedback.”

220 people who were admitted in Kalita Health Centre III, Amudat District and Lotome Health Centre III, Napak District, after developing complications including; mental confusion, fever, vomiting and abdominal pain, after consuming UN WFP foods suspected to be poisoned.

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Since Wednesday the 13 of March 2019, affecting mostly children and mothers. And as a result three death were registered and hundreds discharged in Karamoja

Super cereals foods are produced in Turkey, Belgium and Italy and supplied by UN WFP to the needy communities.