Ssegirinya Granted sh3m Bail
Kawempe North MP-elect Muhammad Ssegirinya granted bail.

The Kawempe North MP-elect Muhammad Ssegirinya, after spending over three weeks in Kitalya prison, was granted bail by the Magistrates Court at Buganda Road on Thursday.

The Kawempe North MP-elect Muhammad Ssegirinya was Thursday granted bail by the Magistrates Court at Buganda Road after spending over three weeks in Kitalya prison.

The court magistrate, Gladys Kamasanyu ruled that as a bail requirement, Ssegirinya’s sureties were each bonded Shs50m, not cash.

All sureties including Ssegirinya were ordered to deposit their national IDs in court with the crew expected to return to court on May 12, for further hearing of the case in which he is charged for inciting violence.

Ssegirinya was arrested on March 22 at Mini Price in downtown Kampala as he attempted to lead a protest demanding the release of National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters who were reportedly detained falsely before, during and after the January general elections.

Ms Flavia Musiiment, the officer in charge of the Mini Price police post in Kampala however, told the Buganda Road Court that they were forced to arrest Ssegirinya after a group of youths who were with him started pelting stones at officers.

Ms Musiiment told the court that before police intervened the crowd was moving smoothly.

“But the police had to intervene because Hon Ssegirinya had also not sought permission from the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to protest,” she said.

The fake academic documents 

Ssegirinya’s bail comes at a time when he is still battling allegations imposed on him of using fake academic documents to force his way to Parliament in the January elections. 

Earlier this week, Pimbas Secondary SchoolSsegirinya’s claimed secondary school denied any allegations of hosting him as a student. The school headteacher identified as Wamala Dafausi said that they do not have anyone by the names of Richard Ssegirinya in their records.

He also said that the index numbers presented by UNEB are not those of their school.

“This school has never had a candidate in the names of Ssegirinya Richard index number U0053/54 for UCE in 2007 neither U0053/754 for UACE in 2009. The School center number is U1549,” Wamala noted.

Ssegirinya Granted sh3m Bail
Kawempe North MP-elect Muhammad Ssegirinya granted bail.

EC statement

However, the claims came following an earlier report from the Electoral Commission indicating that Ssegirinya’s documents were reviewed and found right before being allowed on the ballot paper.

In a statement, Barbra Mulimira the Returning Officer of Kampala Electoral District said that Ssegirinya was lawfully and validly nominated.

 “At the time of nomination, Ssegirinya presented a duly filled nomination form accompanied by academic qualifications of UCE(Senior 4) and UACE ( Senior 6) both in the names of “Ssegirinya Richard” from Pimbas Secondary School and a Deed Poll for changing of names from “Segirinya Richard” to “Segirinya Mohammed,” a statement from the returning officer read.

“The nomination, Election and gazetting of Ssegirinya by the Electoral Commission as MP Kawempe North Constituency in Kampala was done in accordance with the law having found him possessing the minimum qualification of Advanced Level and duly registered as a voter and fulfilment of other nomination requirements,” it added.