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Throughout this Flash Uganda Media article, you will find all the information about MTN Senkyu Points. FILE PHOTO

The article on MTN Senkyu Points by Flash Uganda Media covers all the details you need to know about MTN Senkyu Points.

MTN Senkyu is a new MTN loyalty program that rewards customers for using MTN services. The 1-4-1 loyalty points have been revamped. 

All MTN individual users, including prepaid, post-paid, and hybrid, are eligible for the MTN Locality program, which is completely free. 

MTN simply thanks all of its subscribers for purchasing airtime and voice and data packages, making calls, using MTN internet, using MTN MoMo services, and subscribing to Rich Media Services. 

In this article published by Flash Uganda Media, you’ll find everything you need to know about MTN Senkyu Points.

A prize is usually a nice thing to have for anyone who uses their mobile phone subscription for various activities. 

MTN Uganda offers MTN Senkyu to its consumers. This is the telecom company’s loyalty program, in which clients are rewarded for being online and using the service to make calls, send messages, access mobile internet, and send money.

How do I get MTN Senkyu to work for me?

Dial *141# and select Join to activate MTN Senkyu. You can also use the MyMTN App to activate your account. MTN Senkyu is a completely free service

MTN is merely thanking all of its loyal consumers for their support through Senkyu. MTN customers can join up for the service at any time and from any place. 

Simply phone *141# and choose Join or download the MyMTN App.

When do MTN Senkyu points become available?

MTN Senkyu is open to all MTN individual customers, including prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid. 

They gain points for utilizing MTN services, such as purchasing airtime and bundles, making calls, using the internet, using MTN MoMo, and subscribing to Rich Media Services, once they have joined.

Customers also receive extra points when they sign up for MTN Senkyu for the first time, as well as on their birthdays and MTN anniversaries. Customers can use their points to acquire GSM and non-GSM perks, such as voice minutes, SMS, and MBs, or to pay with MTN MoMoPay.

Simply Add airtime and bundles to your account, make calls or send SMS, and more. MTN MoMo allows you to pay for MTN services, make deposits or withdrawals, send money, and pay bills.

You get more Senkyu points the more MTN services you use.

What is MTN Senkyu and how does it work?

It is completely free to join MTN Senkyu. To enrol in the program, customers should phone *141# or go to the MyMTN App and click Join. 

When customers load airtime, make a call, send an SMS, use data, subscribe to Rich Media Services, buy voice, data, combination, or contextual bundles with airtime or MTN MoMo, utilize MTN MoMo for any revenue-generating service, or deposit MTN MoMo into their wallets, they will earn points.

What is the best way to see if I have enough MTN Senkyu points?

You may find out how many points you have by dialling *141# and selecting Check Points. MTN Senkyu points can also be freely shared with a friend or loved one. You have an unlimited number of MTN Senkyu points. 

MTN Senkyu points, on the other hand, are only valid for three months and will expire if not utilized within that time.

What is the duration of MTN Senkyu points?

If no points have been utilized in the last 90 days, earned points will expire after three months. If a consumer chooses to leave the service, they will also forfeit whatever points they have accrued. 

Minutes, SMS, and MBs that have been redeemed are valid for 30 days from the date/time of redemption. They will be forfeited if they are not used within 30 days.

How can I put my MTN Senkyu points to good use?

MTN subscribers can obtain free call minutes, MBs, and SMS by using their Senkyu points. You may also use your points to pay for anything at any retailer that accepts MTN MoMoPay.

Simply phone *141# and select Use points to acquire minutes, MBs, and SMS. Then choose the prize you want and enjoy your Senkyu reward. 

To pay for goods or services, dial *165*3#, input the merchant code, enter the amount to be paid, and then pick the option to pay using Senkyu Points. You can use your MTN Senkyu points whenever you choose, as long as you have enough.

You have an unlimited number of MTN Senkyu points. Use your points regularly; otherwise, they will expire after 90 days if not used.