Muhoozi blames Police protect Bebe Cool
Gen. Muhoozi blames Police for failing to protect Bebe Cool during Cindy’s Boom Party Concert. File Photo

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba bouts Ugandan Police for failure to protect Ugandan greatest musician Bebe Cool against unruly fans during Cindy’s Boom Party Concert

Senior Presidential Advisor and son to President Museveni, Lt-Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba enormously lashed out at Police for failing to protect singer Bebe Cool who was assaulted with masses of bottles as he immediately hit on stage to perform during Cindy Sanyu’s Boom Party Concert on Saturday 7th March 2020 at Cricket Oval Lugogo in Kampala.

According to his early Monday tweet, the Gen. Muhoozi censured police for failing to sovereignty on what he termed as ‘hooligans’ beating up such a great Ugandan artist Bebe Cool despite being President Museveni’s pronounced supporter.

“How could @PoliceUg and the bouncers at Cindy’s Concert allow a few hooligans to hurl bottles at one of Uganda’s greatest artists?? The same hooligans beat up women (on Women’s Day) for simply loving @KagutaMuseveni and @BebeCoolUG. We expect a lot better next time from @PoliceUg,” tweeted Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

The incident becomes obvious when Bebe Cool contended performing at Cindy’s concert as he jumped up and down amid disorderly revellers who heckled, booed informing him to evacuate stage.

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Many Ugandan artists who publicly acclaimed their love and support to the ruling NRM party and President Yoweri Museveni like Catherine Kusasira, Bebe Cool, Full Figure and Big Eye have been hurled with empty plastic bottles and others filled with urine as they perform on stage.

From the incident, the recent victim to the same immoral acts from other fans in the crowds mentioning Ibrahim Mayanja codenamed the Starboss Big Eye through his Instagram official page expressed how he was disappointed in the former’s past statements while on media after him being tossed with bottles twice in the same month.

Muhoozi blames Police protect Bebe Cool
Gen. Muhoozi blames Police for failing to protect Bebe Cool during Cindy’s Boom Party Concert. File Photo

According to Big Eye, he expected a sorry from Bebe Cool but rather received statements advising him to do good music that will satisfy fans.

“I think papa (Bebe Cool) even they have pelted bottles at you because you don’t have music. I felt so bad when you made that statement about me when they pelt bottles at me but I couldn’t express ma anger because I respect you as ma was a very disappointing and selfish statement to the situation I faced. I was expecting a sorry from you at that time or to condemn the act, “posted Big Eye on Instagram.

Big Eye further explained his current situation which is compelling him to sell off his property to pay chocking debts.

“You didn’t think of where the situation was leading me to. Right now my source of income got spoilt whereby am even about to sell my property to pay debts and clear bills. With all due respect its not always good to brag on peoples hard situations as jokes. For me, I say sorry about that papa. #I_CondemnBottlePeltingHabit. #NRM4Rever” added post by Big Eye on Instagram.