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Police releases additional findings murder of Kamwokya Chairman (1)
Fred Enanga the police spokesperson

A police statement has been released regarding the murder of Kamwokya’s LC3 councillor Kakooza James, saying he died as a result of a blunt force attack.

The Uganda Police has released an additional statement on the murder of Kakooza James the former LC3 Councillor for Kamwokya saying that he died as a result of the blunt force attack.

In a statement dated July 18, Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, the 54-year-old was hit with a blunt object by two assailants who were riding a motorcycle.

“He was attacked by two assailants on a motor cycle, who hit him with a blunt object, during the morning jogging exercise along Centenary Park, towards Yusuf Lule Road. The victim died as a result of the blunt force attack on the 16.07.2022,” Enanga said.

“The victim left his home at around 5am, for routine morning road run. He was however, trailed by two assailants on a motorcycle, up to Centenary Park, where he was attacked from at around 6:20am.”

The police spokesperson, in addition, called on the public to be vigilant at all times saying that the targeted attack shows how vulnerable one can be, when they go out very early, for lone jogging exercises. 

He, however, maintained that so far one suspect has been arrested, as efforts to trace the other culprits involved in the targeted murder are in place. 

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Enanga also said the police joint task team from CID, CI, CMI, ISO and KMP, have obtained good clues from various video footage, cyber and forensic evidence and accounts of witnesses.

The police spokesperson further warned individuals against publicising their daily movements saying that many people these days post what they do in their lives on social media but said this is dangerous since it can make you a target for your enemies. 

“Others do it out of excitement, fun and friendship and they reveal where they are travelling, having breakfast, lunch, dinner, parties, clubs, their families, their children and the schools they go to, after school activities etc. It is trending these days to take photos while posing at venues, with signs stating where you are, and post them on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp,” he urged.

“The challenge with it, is that you do not know who is monitoring your life and can take advantage of that information to harm you and your family members. It is therefore, important to keep your life private especially, business persons, parents, public officials etc, to keep their information to a minimum.”