Museveni, First Lady Bid Farewell to Onyango (1)
In a ceremony held at the Statehouse, Onyango was accompanied by his mother and sister. FILE PHOTO

President Museveni has bid farewell to Dennis Onyango, the former Cranes captain and senior national team player who announced his retirement from national team football.

President Yoweri Museveni together with his first Lady have bid farewell to Dennis Onyango, the former Cranes captain who recently announced his retirement from national team football.

In a ceremony held at the Statehouse, Museveni said sportsmen are unlucky because their careers are short-lived

Museveni however, applauded Onyango and others in different sports disciplines for holding the country’s flag high.

“I congratulate Onyango for what he has done. However at 35, a sportsman can still serve the country for another 20 years if deployed in civil service or given bursaries to train in higher institutions of learning in a discipline of their choice,” Museveni noted.

He, in addition, indicated that government regrets it because it has not supported the sports industry financially well but reminded that it is doing so through indirect ventures including Universal Education among others.

The president also noted that the government in future is considering empowering the sports industry in Uganda to be in a position to compete with that of other countries more so in Europe.

“We thank you, sports people. Though government has not been supporting you fully, we support you indirectly through immunization, UPE, peace and security, which enables the development of your talents”, Museveni added.

“We shall get time in the new government and decide on this export scheme whether it is good or bad. What can we do to keep our sportsmen here.” 

Denis Onyango pajero
Onyango gifted with a brand new Pajero Sport vehicle.

On her part, the First Lady Janet Museveni who is also the current sports minister said Onyango has set a great example for many young sportsmen countrywide.

She, however, suggested that the legendary goalie’s services like that of many other greats who retired from different disciplines are still needed to help nurture others to live in the same shoes.

“We need to build on what we have. We cannot grow if whoever we prepare leaves and goes away for ‘greener pastures, because we need the Onyangos to be the coaches of the new teams, that is how nations are built. That is how those nations with super teams grow,” Janet indicated.

Meanwhile, in a ceremony held at the Statehouse, Onyango was accompanied by his mother and sister. Among other unknown accolades, the President and the First Lady gifted him a brand new Pajero Sport vehicle.