museveni opens factories jobs in namanve (1)
President Museveni delivered the remarks at an opening of five factories and one hotel in the Namanve Industrial Park in Wakiso District. PHOTO/TWITTER

In regards to the Namanve Industrial Park, President Yoweri Museveni says the development including factories will help provide jobs for the locals and citizens in the surrounding areas.

President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that the new developments at the Namanve Industrial Park including factories will help create more employment opportunities for the nearby locals and citizens.

Museveni made the remarks while officiating at the opening of five factories and one hotel at the Namanve Industrial Park in Wakiso District.

The industrial park measuring 2200 acres is expected to house about 303 factories but currently, 71 of these are occupying the facility with many others yet to come.

In his statement, Museveni indicated that this is one of the many projects that the government has spearheaded to see the country grow to a middle-status income.

He, however, issued a warning to government officials who connive with fake investors to impose unreasonable taxes and benefit from these government projects ahead of those concerned. 

Museveni tasked the finance ministry to only impose new taxes after discussions with the manufacturers because they are the people affected.

“I have told the Ministry of Finance that in future, all tax policies must be discussed with manufacturers first because they are at the frontline fighting for the independence of our country,” Museveni said.

“It should not be the bureaucrats in the Ministry of Finance to work on the taxes. The Ministry of Finance bureaucrats should always consult manufacturers. If they(manufacturers) say it is to affect them, we leave the tax. They should be the ones to lead us but not us imposing ourselves on them.”

In addition, Museveni hinted at the idea of establishing a primary and secondary school, health facility and housing estate in the industrial park at Namanve to extend social services closer to the people utilising these parks.

“When we started the industrial park, we were emphasizing factories and didn’t want them to have services. Later alone, provided it is planned properly, it is logical to have some hotels in the industrial park because of the guests to the industrial park who don’t want to drive long distances,” Museveni added.

“There needs a housing estate nearby for workers, a primary and secondary school for children of the people who work here not to spend a lot of time moving to school. A housing estate will make it easier for workers to walk from home to the factory and back. In future, we should plan for this. It will make the thing efficient. We need an industrial park supported by these services.”