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Museveni warns those behind rapid killings in Kampala (1)
Museveni addressed the nation on Wednesday via televised address.

According to President Yoweri Museveni, those behind the rapid killings in the country, especially in the capital, Kampala, will be brought to justice.

President Yoweri Museveni has issued a warning to people behind rapid killings in the country more so in the capital, Kampala saying that the perpetrators will be brought to light.

Museveni made the remarks on Wednesday during a televised address to the nation. He said the security deployment in the country is now more favourable than before to tackle any form of insecurity.

Museveni however appealed to the Courts of law to stop the liberalism of treating criminals with kids’ gloves. He suggested the laws should be tight on them and that is when they will learn from their mistakes.

The president in particular came out to speak about the recent murder incidents that have made news in the recent week including that of James Kakooza, a local councillor of Kamwokya and Bewatte, a UCU student who was stabbed to death during a guild campaign Makerere University.

He said they are hunting for the people who killed James Kakooza, a councillor in Kampala City, and a student, who was killed at Makerere University during the guild president elections last week. 

“Security is now more capable than before. Ugandans have a reason to feel more secure. ADF (Allied Democratic Forces rebels) thought they were in DR Congo and could kill our people with impunity,” Museveni said.

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“But I can assure you, they will be finished. The same goes to the killers of NRM councillor Kakooza, the ones who killed the UCU (Uganda Christian University) student and the killers of Masaka people,” he added.

Meanwhile, speaking earlier on about Kakooza’s death, the police said the 54-year-old Councillor was hit with a blunt object by two assailants who were riding a motorcycle.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson said he was attacked by two assailants on a motorcycle, who hit him with a blunt object, during the morning jogging exercise along Centenary Park, towards Yusuf Lule Road.

“The victim left his home at around 5am, for routine morning road run. He was however, trailed by two assailants on a motorcycle, up to Centenary Park, where he was attacked from at around 6:20am,” he said.