muyingo university institutions meet covid-19 (1)
Covid-19 standards must be met before universities, institutions re-open, minister Muyingo. FILE PHOTO

Dr JC Muyingo, the State Minister for Higher Education, revealed this when he was inspecting Busitema University’s ability to comply with guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Ahead of reopening in November, the education ministry has warned that schools that fail to meet the minimum standards aimed at containing the spread of the Covid-19 will not be allowed to reopen.

This was revealed by the State Minister for Higher Education Dr JC Muyingo as he had gone to inspect Busitema University’s ability to adjust to guidelines aimed to prevent the spread of the Covid19.

“We shall not allow institutions that don’t meet requirements to open in November. Definitely we’re not prepared as government to lose any one Ugandan just because of some stubborn fellows,” Muyingo said.

“We are not going to allow any school to open that is not ready to follow the guidelines given to us by National Council of High Education and the SOPs as given by Ministry of Education.”

Among other strict guidelines to follow, he said the issue of vaccination will not be taken lightly. Muyingo said non-vaccinated teachers or lecturers will not be allowed to attend classes.

Relatedly, he said students more so those above 18 in both secondary schools and institutions of learning should use the opportunity available and get vaccinated for the Covid19 or else they will be denied entry into schools.

“The vaccines are available, we have quite a lot of vaccines in the country. Go and be vaccinated because they will not allow you inside the school when you’ve not been vaccinated,” he added. 

The Minster meanwhile made the remarks in presence of the executive director of the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) Prof. Mary Okwakwol, the director of quality assurance and Accreditation Dr Pius Achanga and the regional director for Seed Global health Dr Bonaventure Ahaisibwe.

In her words, Okwakol expressed her satisfaction with the way Busitema University has so far implemented the Covid-19 guidelines.

She said other institutions should borrow a leaf from them because they have been given enough time to put all the requirements in place ahead of November reopening.

“I am fully satisfied that they are ready to continue training medical students. This is just the beginning, we’re going to monitor all medical schools but we started here and next we will be going to Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). We have a programme to go to all of them” Okwakol said.

“The institutions have been given enough time to open and I expect there should be no problem for them to open. If there is any challenge that might prevent them from opening, they can consult us and we advise them,” added.