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Aga Khan founded Nation Media Group in 1959 as a platform to speak for the majority African population. FILE PHOTO

Nation Media Group was formed in 1959 by His Highness, Aga Khan, to promote the voice of the predominantly African population.

His Highness, the Aga Khan, formed Nation Media Group in 1959 to provide a voice for the predominantly African population. Following the independence of Kenya, the Daily Nation newspaper became an influential people’s voice.

In 1970, the Nation celebrated its tenth anniversary. In 1968, it made its first profit. Both the Sunday Nation and the Daily Nation sold well over 46,000 copies per issue at the time of the anniversary. 

One of the highly advanced in Africa, a new rotary press was installed, allowing the newspapers to print full-colour images and advertisements.

However, the company battled through thick and thin since its establishment in 1959. At the end of 2002, the Nation Media Group was debt-free and buoyant, so it took steps to put a board promise to pursue new prospects into action, and it turned its focus to its neighbours in Uganda and Tanzania.

After acquiring the feisty but hard-up Kampala tabloid, The Monitor, NMG developed a radio station, Monitor FM 93.3 (currently KFM 93.3), to grab the primary Uganda audience for news and entertainment.

In recent years, the corporation has continued to consolidate its operations and plan for the future through various projects. 

Some of these initiatives include the repair of its printing press infrastructure in 2010 and its eventual redesign in 2015, which allowed it to improve its print goods for a better reader experience significantly.

Nation Media Group additionally developed its regional fibre optic network in 2011 to integrate its businesses into a single homogeneous network fully. Furthermore, NMG invests in intelligent acquisitions and collaborations to safeguard its future.

The Nation Media Group Team

The board of directors of the Nation Media group is made up of the following abled team.

  1. Dr Wilfred Kiboro (Chairman) 
  2. Dennis Aluanga
  3. Steven Dunbar- Johnson  
  4. Stephen Gitagama  
  5. Prof Lee Huebner
  6. Dr Yasmin Jetha
  7. Leonard Mususa
  8. Francis Okomo Okello
  9. Louis Otieno
  10. Anwar Poonawala
  11. Sumayya Hassan
  12. Al-Noor Ramji
  13. Richard Tobiko

The Executive of Nation Media Group consists of;

  1. Stephen Gitagama – Group CEO
  2. Mutuma Mathiu – Group Editorial Director
  3. Richard Tobiko – Group Finance Director
  4. Rachael Wanyoike – Head of Audit, Risk, and Compliance
  5. Anthony Craig Glencross – Managing Director Monitor Publication Limited
  6. Clifford Machoka – Head of External Affairs and Marketing
  7. Sekou Owino – Interim Company Secretary
  8. Monica Waceke Ndung’u – Head of Broadcasting ntv spark tv part od nation media group uganda (1)
In Uganda, NMG owns Daily Monitor, NTV Uganda, Spark TV, KFM, Dembe FM, the East African and nation courier. FILE PHOTO

Nation Media Group Products and Services

NMG has developed a variety of media options to inform, educate, and entertain. 

The Group’s operations include several English and Kiswahili national newspapers, a regional weekly, several radio and television stations, a strong presence in online, digital media, and has diversified into magazines, directories, publishing, and courier services. 

It is majority-owned and run by East Africans.

NMG’s market share supremacy is supported by cutting-edge printing technology, professional development expenditure, and a well-subscribed internet presence.

Nation Newspapers publishes the Daily and Sunday Nation and Taifa newspapers in Kenya and the Business Daily and the EastAfrican, a regional weekly. Monitor Publications Limited publishes the Daily, Saturday, and Sunday Monitor in Uganda.

Mwananchi Communications Limited publishes three daily newspapers in Tanzania: Mwananchi and Mwanaspoti in Swahili and The Citizen in English.

On the broadcast front, the Nation Media Group owns and runs television stations in Kenya, NTV and QTV. Then in Uganda, NTV Uganda, and the recently launched Spark TV, which is exclusively dedicated to women.

Nation FM in Kenya, KFM and Dembe FM in Uganda are among NMG’s radio stations.

Several news and business websites in both English and Swahili have also been launched. These include TAG, SwahiliHub, KenyaBuzz, NairobiNews, and 6667 nation mobile.


The influence of Nation Media Group in the broad East Africa region is pretty evident

The quality of products, and services, level of professionalism, and impact on the community have helped propel this organisation to a household name in the East Africa Media market. 

The success of Nation Media Group has attracted partnerships with other equally impactful businesses and institutions. Some of these corporations are as follows;

  1. Inchcape Kenya Limited
  2. Kenya Association of Manufactures
  3. United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and The Empowerment of Women
  4. International Press Institute
  5. The World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers
  6. The University of Nairobi
  7. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  8. International Press Institute
  9. Invest in Africa Kenya
  10. KPMG East Africa
  11. Alfred Friendly Press Partners
  12. Invest in Africa Kenya
  13. Kenya Wildlife Service
  14. The Luxury Network
  15. Wildlife Direct
  16. Egerton University  

There is a coherent working relationship between the Nation Media Group and the above institutions. The primary aim of these companionships is to bring positive change to society. 

For instance, Nation Media Group, through their Daily Nation newspapers, publishes Egerton’s university “Seed of Gold”, which aims to educate farmers on sustainable farming methods and the use of modern technology in farming.

Nation Media Group has been recognised with many accolades following the excellent work they are doing in the media industry. 

For instance, in 2021, Nation Media Group brands scooped six global awards. International News Media Association organised the event.  

The awards included;

  • The “Nation Leadership Forum” was lauded as the greatest in Africa and in the category of using an event to develop a new brand, where it came in the first place.
  • Another NMG project, Kusi Ideas Festival 2020, was ranked second in the best utilisation of an event to establish a new brand.
  • The Daily Nation makeover came in second place in the best use of print.
  • Nation.
  • Africa received an honourable mention in the categories of the best product and technological innovation and best use of audio.