Catherine Kusasira to Police Canceling My Easter Monday Show
Catherine Kusasira has slammed the manner in which her Easter Monday performance was abruptly halted, saying that it was done out of disrespect, considering she is an NRM devotee. FILE PHOTO

Catherine Kusasira has attacked the manner in which her show was abruptly cut short on Easter Monday, claiming it was done out of disrespect since she is a staunch supporter of the NRM.

Musician Catherine Kusasira has lashed out at the manner in which her show was abruptly stopped on Easter Monday saying it was done out of disrespect considering that she is an NRM diehard.

The singer made the remarks on Monday after police raided her Easter Monday music show at Palms Park Ndejje, Kanaaba which she says had attracted more than 2,000 people.

The raid left a number of revellers who had paid their money discomforted and out of annoyance they turned rowdy and started throwing and destroying chairs.

Shortly after departing the venue, musician Kusasira rushed to record a Facebook live video airing out her grievances towards the act.

Kusasira who was quick to question why an NRM diehard like her would be denied the chance of hosting a show mentioned that the DPC himself directed the police to intervene and stop her from entertaining revellers without a standing reason.

“How can a DPC come to my show and stop it? To the IGP and his deputy. I hereby request you to handle my complaint immediately because the DPC terminated my show.”

“He isn’t the one who runs this country. Terminating my show is like terminating President Museveni’s show because I work for NRM and we’re trying to instil hopes in the hearts of Ugandans,” Kusasira said.

In addition, she called out the Inspector General of Police, Okoth Ochola to hold the DPC accountable for his actions because her show had started during the day but they decided to intervene at a prime time, 9 pm in the night when party goers had started to witness proper value for their money.

Kusasira also told the IGG that property at the venue including chairs, and tables were left destroyed as a result, she requested him to ensure all policemen that raided her show compensate the concerned parties.

“Even the many revellers that had come to my show stole the chairs and other property at the venue. IGP, please look for the policemen that stopped my show so they can pay for the chairs stolen and the property destroyed because this matter has already been addresed to your bosses,” she urged.