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In addition to its television stations, Next Media also has web products, a news portal, a radio station, and a media production firm.

The new home of Next Media Services is located at Plot 13, Summit View Road, Naguru. The construction of this property began in April 2020.

Next Media Services is Uganda’s premier multimedia company that aspires to be Africa’s most relevant media. 

Next Media has grown from one television station to three, web products, an online news portal, a radio station, and a media production firm. The company boasts approximately $62 million in revenue. This is quite a lot for a company situated in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Next Media services headquarters are located at Next Media Park, Plot 13, Summit View Road, Naguru, Kampala District. The location is strategic and has played a vital role in the company’s growth. 

The company’s influence in the country and across the region is primarily attributed to its location.


The year is 2007, and NBS Television is established in a 2-bedroom apartment in UAP Building, Plot 1, Kimathi Avenue, in the heart of Uganda’s capital city, Kampala.

One year later, Kin Kariisa, a 32-year-old ambitious businessman who has recently been sold on a media vision, buys shares in the young TV brand, turning its fortunes around.

The new owner’s lofty ambitions quickly outgrow the 2-bedroom apartment, and the now-ambitious brand relocates to Media Plaza.

Within the first ten years at their new home, NBS Television has grown tremendously, carving out a niche as the go-to option for Ugandans looking for live broadcasts of top entertainment events.

Mr Kin Kariisa fully acquired NBS Television in 2014, launching a journey that would see the launch of a new media platform every year for the next five years.

In the year 2015, Salam TV, the first Islam-oriented television station in Uganda, was born. Sanyuka TV, the home of Ugandan sport, debuted in 2016.

When 2017 arrived, it was time for something revolutionary, and in came Nile Post, your typical newspaper, this time digitised, bringing to life news that is timely, relevant, accurate, precise and timely.

In 2018, groundbreaking innovations continued with the launch of Nxt Radio, East and Central Africa’s first audiovisual radio station aimed at Ugandan youth. captivated by the biggest hits and entertainment

Next Communications, a well-structured digital media agency that provides digital marketing solutions for businesses, was founded in 2019.

The following year, Next Productions Limited, a full-service professional video and audio production company, was also established. In 2019, the now-seven brands officially merged to form Next Media Services.

The objectives have grown even more visible, to the point where Media Plaza (Building hosting the company) is no longer sufficient.

Next Media Services needed a new location, so it was decided to conduct a search, hold conversations, and reach an agreement. The new headquarters are at Plot 13, Summit View Road, Naguru. Construction of this property began in April of 2020.

Next Media Park became the new home of Next Media Services on August 24, 2020, which also happened to be CEO Kin Kariisa’s 44th birthday.

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In 2014, Kin Kariisa fully acquired NBS Television, beginning a journey that would see a new media platform being launched every year for the next five years.

Next Media Services Team

Other than the strategic location of the company, the other aspect that has significantly contributed to the company’s growth is the presence of a competent, skilful team. 

The following are some of the most recognisable members of the company.

  1. Rogers Baguma – Board Chairman
  2. Kin Kariisa – Group CEO
  3. Martin Munyua – Non-executive Director
  4. Susan Kitariko – Non-executive Director
  5. Isaac Rucci – Non-executive Director
  6. Hajji Karim Kaliisa – Executive Director
  7. Joe Kigozi – Executive Director
  8. Obadia Ismail – Company Secretary

The company boasts of between 201 and 500 employees. The company strives to provide a conducive environment for its employees. The company ensures that its staff has everything they need to exploit their potential to reach greater heights. 

Next Media Services Brands

As already mentioned above, Next Media Services is a multimedia company that aspires to be the best in the region. At the moment, the company prides itself to be the mother company of quite many media outlets. 

Next Media Services is a proud mother company to the following brands;

  1. NBS Television – NBS TV is a leading live broadcast in the country. It has nationwide coverage of news and current affairs. The TV station is also known as a political command centre.
  2. Sanyuka TV – Sanyuka TV is home to sports and entertainment in Uganda. It is home to the country’s premier league matches.
  3. Salam TV – This is an Islamic TV. A pioneer in the country. It is where you can access great Islamic content in the country.
  4. Next Radio – This is Uganda’s pioneer audiovisual radio channel. 
  5. Nile Post – This is an independent online news portal. It focuses on investigations, politics, business, and breaking news.
  6. Next Production – The agency provides tested and proven digital marketing solutions.
  7. Next Com – This is a multimedia production house. Specialises in TV, commercials, film production, editing and experiential and event management.
  8. Afro Mobile – Afro Mobile is Uganda’s platform for Breaking news, sports and entertainment, and live streams. All at the convenience of your palm.
  9. Hill Com – This is an engineering company. It deals with end-to-end TV channel establishment (with the inclusion of online TV), both FM and online radio stations, repair and maintenance of broadcast equipment, data centre services and transmission equipment hosting. 

All these companies are a force to reckon with in their respective niches. They are all subsidiaries of Next Media Services.


Next Media Services received six honours in the Media Challenge Initiative, which was presented at the Kampala Serena Hotel in 2018.

  • Kin Kariisa, CEO of Next Media, led his team to the Visionary Media Personality Award.
  • NBS TV, a subsidiary of Next Media Services, also won the Best Live TV award.
  • NBS TV has become well-known for broadcasting national events live as they happen.
  • Joyce Bagala, who is the Head of News at NBS TV, was nominated for Best Female Luganda News Anchor.
  • Samson Kasumba won the award for Best Male News Anchor.
  • Joyce Bagala was named the best female Luganda news anchor.
  • NBS TV’s popular After 5 show, hosted by Douglas Lwanga and MC Kats, won the Unconventional Programming award.