nyungu yamawe forest park location

Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park, located in Kira-Kitukutwe off Bulindo road in Kira-Kitukutwe, is a stylish forest park surrounded by picturesque pine trees. 

Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park, situated on over 20 acres of land in Kira-Kitukutwe off Bulindo road is a state-of-the-art forest park characterized by stunning landscape scenery and picturesque pine trees. 

A park that exemplifies African heritage and identity with its traditional architecture and classic interior design. 

Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park is a place that brings a merging exquisite style while still boosting an African setup. 

Nyungu Yamawe forest park: why visit it

For many nature enthusiasts, Nyungu Yamawe is a perfect location to relax, unwind and take a break not far away from Kampala city. 

The park offers a serene environment in a forest’s pleasant atmosphere. 

Whether you are looking for a casual dining experience, a place for a family gathering, retreat, or a solo gateway, you will find the perfect experience at Nyungu Yamawe.

Nyungu Yamawe Forest Park Activities

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Jungle experiences: Nyungu Yamawe forest park offers exceptional, unique, and remarkable forest jungle experiences. 

Within the park, wooden seats are set up surrounded by pine trees. 

One of the best things about the park is that you can bring your games, food, and beverages, to enjoy with your groups of friends, corporate team, and family and no extra cost.

Bike riding: At the park, you can rent bikes to ride around. Renting bikes cost $20.

Bird and monkey watching: The forest is filled with different bird species and monkeys which can often be seen during walks at the park.

Yoga: There is a designated yoga space with a view of the lake within the park. The yoga classes are relatively affordable.

Camping: Whereas camping is a form of accommodation, it can also be a fun activity to do while at Nyungu Yamawe forest park. 

To hire a camping tent costs $30.

Bonfire: The most interesting stories are often told around bonfires. 

At the bonfire, you can play games with friends, eat together, tell stories, dance to some good music and marvel at the beautiful night sky.

Forest walk: The pine trees within the park are a sight to behold. The preservation of the area’s natural splendour is a remarkable feat. 

With the canopies and breeze from the trees, taking a walk in this forest is a completely new experience. The views through the pine woods are spectacular.

Spa: The spa facility offers mind-freeing massages. At UGX 50,000, you can get a soft or hard tissue massage. The stone massage comes at a fee of UGX 100,000.

Picnic: You can pack your delicious meals to share with family and friends. There are a variety of wooden seats around the park but you can also choose to sit down on a mat or blanket. 

Conferences: Nyungu Yamawe forest park has a conference centre where meetings, workshops and seminars can be held. 

Zip lining: The ziplining challenge across the manmade lake was recently added to the many activities at the park. With the ziplining experience, get ready for an adrenaline rush, fun and a sense of accomplishment. 

Events space: The forest gardens at Nyungu Yamawe are a beautiful place to hold a wedding, birthday party, bridal shower, or any other event of up to 1,000 people or more. 

A 1000-seater amphitheatre is also under construction at the park and is expected to open shortly. It will be the first of its kind in Uganda.

Nyungu Yamawe forest park directions

From Ntinda, you can use the Kiwatule – Najjera – Kira – Bulindo to Kitukutwe route Or Naalya – Kyaliwajjala – Kira – Bulindo to Kitukutwe route. 

Meals/Dining at the park

In the cafĂ© and lounge area of this leisure park, guests can take in all of Nyungu Yamawe’s uniqueness and beauty. One can see for miles into the Forest from where they are standing or sitting.

To provide guests with a memorable dining experience, the freshest cooking ingredients are sourced locally. Catering to all of the culinary desires, Nyungu Yamawe provides a variety of dining options to suit guests’ needs.

The bar and restaurant have a traditional look and feel. The restaurant serves a wide range of traditional dishes from around the world.

Breakfast is served between 7:00 am to 11:00 am while dinner is available between 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Accommodation at Nyungu Yamawe

nyungu yamawe forest park activities

The major places of stay at the park are cottages. However, there is an option of camping too. 

All guests in the cottages have access to laundry service, free wifi, room service and free parking. 

All cottage rooms are equipped with portable fans and blackout curtains. Daily cleaning services are also offered.


These beautiful, one-of-a-kind wooden cottages are surrounded by green exotic gardens and trees. Each cottage is separated from another by a wooden fence. 

The cottages are named after African leaders and have a rustic traditional feel.

Deluxe cottages: The deluxe cottages (Mathai, Madiba, and Lumumba) are ideal for guests who are looking for ample living space. 

Starting at $100, you can spend a night in this grass-thatched, spacious standalone cottage. 

The house is exquisitely designed and equipped with African art, classic bicycle wheels, enclosed bathrooms, three traditional bandas, and a well-kept flower garden. 

The deluxe cottage can accommodate two to ten guests comfortably.

Standard: A standard cottage at Nyungu Yamawe forest park features a double bed, an open bathroom with a forested view from the top, and two traditional bandas for comfort. 

Just like the deluxe cottage, the standard one is also exquisitely designed and decorated with African art, classic bicycle wheels, and a well-kept flower garden, and can accommodate between two and ten guests.

It costs $75 to spend a night in a standard cottage.

Bamboo: Accommodation at the bamboo cottage costs $50 per night. 

A single bed, an open bathroom with a view of the forest from the top, and a cosy traditional banda are all included in this package. 

The bamboo cottage is exquisitely built and adorned with African paintings.


Besides the cottages, camping is also a viable accommodation option while at Nyungu Yamawe forest park. Pitch your tent within the park and fall asleep counting the stars. 

For guests with cars, free secure parking is offered at the park.

How to make reservations at Nyungu Yamawe

Online reservations can be made via email at reservations@nyunguyamawe.com or by phone. The front desk service is available 24/7.