Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo
Ofwono Opondo says the current tension and bickering among government officials is a result of loss integrity and moral degeneration. File photo

The prevailing tension, arguments among government officials indicate loss of morals and integrity – Ofwono Opondo

The Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo says the current tension and bickering among government officials is a result of loss integrity and moral degeneration.

According to Opondo, there’s a total loss of trust and confidence among government officials.

Opondo made the remarks yesterday in Kampala while reacting to the recent fights between Minister for Investment and Privatisation, Evelyn Anite and the Deputy Attorney General, Mwesigwa Rukutana following Uganda Telecommunication Company matters which climaxed a week ago with accusations of death threats by Minister Anite over her life. 

“There’s loss of morals, loss of integrity but I think to some extent also may be loss of trust and confidence in the government machinery. If they bicker outside the appropriate forum, which is available you can’t tell them that they have not lost morals or they have lost confidence in the institutional mechanism of government to listen and resolve what they are complaining about,” Opondo said.

However, Opondo believes that president Museveni will correct the mess and put the House to order without fail.

“As far as cabinet administration is concerned, I do believe that this matter will be discussed in the cabinet, the president does not conduct the administration of members of the cabinet through the public media. I do believe he will address it,” Opondo said.

John Kikonyogo, Deputy Spokesperson Forum for Democratic Change Party (FDC) says president Museveni has to step in and solve the matters going on among cabinet ministers because he is the appointing authority.

“How are these ministers appointed? Are we dealing with people who are dirty somewhere, wash them a bit and then give them ministerial posts? Nobody cares about our morals anymore? We are bringing up children and have to train them how to abuse, otherwise your children will have no place in Uganda today. So as a country something has to be done,” Kikonyogo wondered.

Meanwhile, FDC Party advised the government to seriously consider Minister Anite’s death threat allegations, saying there are must be a strong reason behind them which needs to be addressed.

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Minister Anite and Deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana clashed over Uganda Telecom matters, the time Anite ordered an audit into the company.

Rukutana tried to block the audit saying Minister Anite has no supervisory powers over the UTL Administration.

But, Anite seems to have won the battle, because an audit into UTL already commenced after High Court in Kampala under Justice Musa Ssekana issued 30 days’ ultimatum to have the struggling UTL audited.