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Paraa safari lodge is a prominent safari lodge in Murchison Falls National Park, situated just 20 kilometres from the breathtaking Murchison Falls. 

Located just 20 kilometers from the breathtaking Murchison Falls, Paraa safari lodge is one of the most prominent safari lodges in Murchison Falls National Park.

Established in the 1950s, Paraa Safari Lodge retained its historic aspects throughout Uganda’s turbulent history, and it continues to offer the classic safari luxury amenities that attract the majority of visitors to Africa. 

The lodge’s safari decor still depicts the bygone era of early explorers, but with a modern twist.

The Paraa Safari Lodge has 54 rooms, making it far larger than the typical safari lodge. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom and a balcony with a view. 

The safari lodge’s location on the northern bank provides easy access to the northern game paths, where most of Murchison Falls National Park’s animals are found.

Murchison Falls National Park is a remote wildlife reserve in north-western Uganda between Lake Albert and Lake Kyoga. The park is home to elephants, hippos, Rothschild’s giraffe, buffalo, crocodiles, and lions. 

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Paraa stretch boat safari cruises along the Nile to the waterfall base are popular ways to see the park’s beauty. In the Nile delta, birdwatchers can see the shoebill stork in addition to several other birds.

Murchison Falls National Park comprises a significant portion of the 5,308-sq km Murchison Falls Conservation Area, which comprises forest, savanna, and riverine environments.

Accommodation at Paraa Safari lodge

queens_cottage_main_bedroom at Paraa Safari Lodge
The Queens

The lodge offers a variety of accommodations, including cottages, deluxe rooms, suites, standard rooms, and safari tents.

Standard rooms are provided as single, double, and twin rooms. 

These feature a simple, pleasant safari ambience. The rooms overlook the lodge’s swimming pool and the meandering Nile River beyond.

The Queen’s cottage offers a separate world of experience, uniqueness, and exclusivity for individuals in search of the highest level of comfort. The distinctive architecture complements the manicured surroundings and breath-taking vistas. 

The enormous balcony does not disappoint, offering spectacular views of lush foliage, abundant wildlife, and the renowned River Nile.

The safari suites are the ideal Murchison Falls lodging option for Uganda Safari travellers desiring a little more space and seclusion to unwind. Each suite features a spacious living area with plush sofas and a minibar stocked with refreshments for a day spent on the wildlife trails.

There are 3 standard tents placed within walking distance from the lodge’s main building. These tents are ideal for individuals seeking a more traditional safari experience. 

Once inside, the tents are exquisitely appointed with contemporary interiors and linens, reflecting and evoking a sense of being in the wild.


Type of roomBed and breakfast (USD)Full board (USD)
Deluxe single253277
Deluxe Double470418
Queen’s Cottage896982
Deluxe tent single332356
Deluxe tent double451499

Full board means that all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included in the price. 

Pricing for kids

ArrangementDescriptionAmount (USD)
Full board1-2 Kids sharing with parents68
Full board2-3 kids sharing a room privately103

For a regular room at Paraa Safari lodge, children pay USD 68 for full board (1-2 children sharing with parents) and USD 103 for 2-3 children sleeping in a room of their own.



At Paraa Safari lodge, the chefs are highly experienced, they prepare delicious meals with special dietary considerations. 

The Captain’s Table restaurant on the upper floor is recommended for its elevated view of the vast savanna grasslands. 

On the plains, elephant herds are easily spotted. Saturday evenings at Paraa Safari Lodge are filled with unforgettable barbecues and traditional dancers to create a memorable celebration.

Martinis are available at the Explorer’s Bar to brighten your evenings. Relax on the plush couches or mingle with other explorers at the bar. In Africa, there is so much to discuss, especially if you’re spending the night in the wilderness.

Services offered at Paraa Safari lodge

Conference facilities

For corporate events or those who wish to combine business with pleasure, Paraa Safari Lodge has a conference room and facilities to accommodate your conferencing/meeting needs.

Gift shop: What better way to show your loved ones how much you care than with a gift from Africa? Guidebooks, clothing, and safari necessities are among the many items available at the Paraa Safari lodge gift shop. The items are handcrafted locally and sold at affordable rates.


Enjoy a delectable selection of regional and international dishes prepared by talented chefs at Paraa Safari lodge. You have the option of eating either in the restaurant or on the balcony which offers a great view of the river Nile.

Explorer’s bar

The Explorer’s Bar is situated on the lodge’s upper level, adjacent to the restaurant. After a long day in the wilderness, it is an ideal place to sit and cool off with a few drinks.

Swimming pool

The swimming pool at Paraa Safari Lodge has a pool bar. You may drink a cocktail in the water while watching the sun set over the river Nile.

Other services include a wellness spa, Wi-Fi, laundry and a private deck.

Activities at Paraa Safari lodge

murchison falls paraa safari lodge

Hot air balloon safaris

A hot air balloon is the most exciting way to see the amazing landscapes and animals of Africa.

Paraa Safari Lodge has partnered with Dream Balloons to facilitate this experience. The launch site is approximately 15 kilometres from Paraa Safari Lodge.

The balloon safari has a maximum capacity of eight passengers, includes a bush breakfast, and lasts around one hour.

Chimpanzee trekking

The neighbouring 268-sq km Kaniyo Pabidi Forest is a stunning natural forest dominated by mahogany and ironwood trees. 

The forest is a habitat for more than 800 chimpanzees, with approximately 90 of them acclimated for tourism and accessible for chimpanzee trekking. 

Other primates that can be observed in the jungle are black-and-white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys, and olive baboons. 

The forest is also home to numerous bird species, including the unique Puvel’s illaposis, chocolate-backed kingfisher and the white-thighed hornbill.

Rabongo Forest, an island of tropical river forest nestled in a sea of grassland in the southeast of the conservation area, provides a second location for seeing monkeys and bird species near Paraa Safari Lodge. This forest has fewer visitors and a similar diversity of fauna, but no habituated chimps.

A trip by boat to the Delta

The boat ride across the vast papyrus delta, through which the Victoria Nile runs into Lake Albert, is an additional intriguing but more tranquil excursion. There are a great number of animals and birds to observe, including the rare Shoebill. 

This journey takes 4-5 hours. Due to the limited number of available seats, it is essential to book and confirm availability for the boat trip in advance.

Visiting the Murchison falls

As Murchison Falls is the primary feature of the national park, there are multiple methods to reach and watch the falls. A river tour ticket to Murchison Falls on the Nile starts from $32. 

A highlight of any vacation to the Murchison Falls Conservation Area is the launch ride to witness the majestic Murchison Falls. Usually, trips depart at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. There are numerous hippopotamuses and crocodiles in the water, as well as numerous animals and birds on land. 

Hike to the falls’ summit

Guests who prefer strenuous physical activity may disembark in the Fajao Gorge and trek to the Top of the Falls, which takes 45 to 60 minutes.

Once at the top, you get a magnificent view of the powerful Murchison falls.

Game drive

Between the Victoria Nile and the White Nile, game drive safaris will find the most diverse savannah animals. The most fascinating regions are the savanna grasslands of the Buligi region, in the vicinity of the Victoria Nile delta on Lake Albert.

The best times of day for game drives are early in the morning and late afternoon/early evening.

Three hours are required to travel through the picturesque Buligi region west of Paraa to Delta Point, where the Victoria Nile flows through the northern tip of Lake Albert to become the Albert Nile. Elephants, buffalos, giraffes, Jackson’s hartebeests, and oribis can be seen here.

If you are lucky, lions and even leopards may be observed. Morning game drives commence at 7 am while evening game drives commence at 4 pm.

On the southern side of the Victoria Nile, where the landscapes are more thickly wooded, it is more difficult to detect wildlife, although it may be worthwhile to explore the trails en route to the top of the falls.


Murchison Falls National Park is home to an astounding 451 species of birds.

The rare and renowned Shoebill stalk, African Fish Eagle, Lesser and Greater Flamingo, White-tailed Lark, Martial Eagle, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl and Papyrus Gonolek, are among the highlights.

With approximately 1,000 bird species, Uganda has long been the best-kept secret among ornithologists about its abundance of bird species.


The Nile provides world-class fishing opportunities, including the renowned Nile Perch and an abundance of Cat Fish. Permits for fishing are available from the Uganda Wildlife Authority Park office in South Paraa.

How to get to Paraa Safari lodge

Using air transport

By air, it takes about one hour from Entebbe Airport to either Pakuba or Bugungu airstrip within the national park, both of which are 25 minutes drive away from the lodge. 

Paraa Safari Lodge also has a helipad and can arrange a jet-ranger helicopter for 3 passengers for $3900.

Using road transport

The Paraa Safari Lodge is a 5-hour drive from Kampala or 6 hours from Entebbe. From Kampala, take the Bombo Road north through Bwaise and Gulu.

The road passes via Bombo after 71km and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary after 120km, where rhino sightings are guaranteed.

The Route to Paraa Safari Lodge branches from the Gulu-Masindi route right past Kafu Bridge.

This is a bustling intersection where snacks and drinks are sold. However, Masindi, 45km away, maybe a better place to rest and refuel. 

The final 85 kilometres of the journey begin at a signposted intersection at the Masindi Hotel and Shell gas station, approximately 2 kilometres from the town centre. 

After 24 kilometres, the murram road enters the Murchison Falls Conservation Area through the Kichumbanyabo gate and reaches the Nile at south Paraa, where a UWA vehicle ferry crosses the Nile to access the Safari lodges on the northern bank. 

The ferry operates at predetermined intervals between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. There is a price for its use.

The alternative route to Paraa Safari Lodge is via Karuma Off Kafu Bridge. From Kafu bridge, turn left onto Pakwach- Arua road from the Gulu road. 

Tangi Gate is located off the Arua road to the left, 112 kilometres from Karuma Bridge and immediately before Pakwach Bridge. Tangi is around 2 kilometres from the Paraa Safari resort.

How to make reservations

Reservations can be made online through the website. There is a form on the website where full details must be given, including the number of guests, and the day of checking in and out. 

Bookings can also be done via email.