Museveni asked to explain unfulfilled free sanitary pads
President Museveni promise in 2016 to issue free sanitary pads to school-going children in the country. File Photo

Speaker Kadaga wants President Museveni to explain why free sanitary pads promise to girls in school has not been effected

Speaker of Parliament, Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga has tasked President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the fountain of Honour to come out and explain the unfulfilled promise to issue free sanitary pads to school-going children in the country.

President Museveni pledged in 2016, as a way to reduce the risk of school dropouts in Uganda.

“Honourable Members you may recall that the President pledged to supply to the children of schools, free sanitary pads, I think we need an answer. Is he going to supply or not?” Kadaga stated.

Her statement was later prompted by Hon Robert Centenary, the Kasese Municipality (FDC) and Cecilia Ogwal, the Dokolo Woman legislator who on the floor of parliament raised the issue of poor quality education, especially among girls.

Legislators say the issue of low-quality education among girls is as a result of poor menstrual health management.

“I will put my emphasis on the quality of education and with specific reference to menstrual health for the girl-child whose ability to continue with education has been stifled by lack of sanitary pads, which I know the president pledged to offer to children,” Centenary said.

This followed Ms Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi, Minister for Youth and Children statement she delivered before parliament on Youth Day celebration.

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Nakiwala says the Youth Day celebrations allow the country to notice what has been accomplished and not as far as a youth in Uganda are concerned, particularly in Social, Economic and Political Transformation of Uganda.

Hon Centenary proceeded and said that Minister Kiyingi should remind President Museveni of his pledge and to arrange better plans for children in Uganda.

“I would like the minister who is also female, that when you are planning for this young population, kindly remind our Head of State that these children are suffering especially in the rural areas,” Hon Centenary said.

Hon Ogwal in her view said that Minister Kiyingi’s statement was annoying stating that it had no policy indicating improvement in the education sector especially girl child education, youth employment and general welfare.

“Can you tell us where we have come from in the last 5 to 10 years? Where have we improved on the girl child education? I was so envious to see that the President of Kenya, lifting the pen and putting it down to sign for free distribution of sanitary pads,” Ms Ogwal said.

 She, however, continued to state that despite everyone’s concern on the rate of dropouts especially girls, the Ministry of Education with a female representative has failed to curb the matter.

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As a result, Speaker of Parliament, Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga issued a directive to the Minister for Presidency to appear before parliament to explain why the government has failed to fulfil its promise to have free sanitary pads supplied to girls in school.

“To explain to us what happened to that pledge, it was a public pledge,” Kadaga said.

The International Youth Day celebrations will be commemorated on August 12 under the theme: Transforming Education.” but Uganda has its National theme: Transforming Education for responsible citizenship and employment creation.”